The Second Breakfast Club

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  • Varan's parents - Lizardfolk. Don't understand Varan's art.
  • Lanty's mother - Human(?) religious leader. Is too caught up in her own business to notice Lanty.
  • Lanty's father - Human(?) religious leader. Supports Lanty in his way, but is often distant and unavailable, especially in public.
  • Lanty's older sister Arty Prosperina - Aasimar. Doesn't know how to relate to Lanty.
  • Lanty's older sister Thena Prosperina - Aasimar. Doesn't know how to relate to Lanty.
  • Kharsha's mom Gresshik - Orc Berserker. Doesn't understand Kharsha's disinterest in violence.
  • Kharsha's dad Corik - Orc Manhunter. Doesn't understand Kharsha's disinterest in violence.
  • Kharsha's patron Rissan - Unicorn Celestial Warlock Patron. Holds Kharsha to a high standard of behavior.
  • Mini's dad - Minotaur security guard. Born in the Old Country but moved to Sunrest as a child. Doesn't understand his outdoorsy child.
  • Mini's mom - Minotaur stay-at-home-mom. Born in the Old Country but moved to Sunrest as a child. Doesn't understand her outdoorsy child.
  • Zelphar: Theodred's father, who's enjoyed the fruits of his ancestors' labours before him. While he may not adventure as much and works more as an ambassador, he is still a formidable sorcerer in his own right. He has connections with other famous adventurers in the surrounding areas.
  • Maelyrra: Theodred's mother, who's a powerful adventurer herself. Recently she's pulled back on adventuring and taken on a more active role in the town's administration.
  • Elas: Theodred's older brother, who is in his last year at Strixhaven School for the Gifted as an honour student. I'm not sure if this is the same as the canonical Strixhaven, or if it is considered to be a branch school that feeds into Strixhaven proper.

The Faculty[edit]

  • The Principal
  • Professor Velemithius Hoarfrost, the Druid Teacher



  • Sunrest High School for the Dangerous and Heroic - the school where the PCs attent.
  • Strixhaven School for the Gifted - the school for magic nerds
  • Nullwhen Preparatory College - the school for people who aren't on the hero track
  • Jynn Z. Weatherfall Middle School - a school for younger kids


  • The Autumnshine River


  • Overhill Heights - Wealthy, hilly, holey
  • Archer Square - apartments and multifamily housing.


A city-state that's part of the same alliance as Sunrest. Redhill is known for having a high percentage of Tieflings, demographically, and a traditional ruling family of Infernal Warlocks - the names of the Baator schools are a reference to traditional Redhill nomenclature.

To be clear, Redhill is a nice place to live, the sky isn't sulfury, the sun isn't burning hot, any volcanos are good and dormant... The traditional state religion just has a lot more horns and forked tails than is typical for the other Alliance lands.

Redhill is referred to, both insultingly and reclaimed by "edgy" teens, as Redhell.

  • Schools
    • Baator Middle
    • Baator High

Other Locations[edit]

  • Schools
    • Whitestar Hall
    • Tizzlewhisper Tech
    • El’Ef’Gheeliriel Academy
    • Blademount School of Monstrous Education
    • Baator High
    • Sister Margra's School for Troubled Girls
    • Spelljammer Academy
    • The Sigil Vocational Training School