The Shadow Over Creation

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The Shadow Over Creation is a campaign using Exalted 3e.


Before the rising of the Black Suns,
Before the Unhallowed Bodhisattvas birthed themselves,
Before Space and Shape and Logic were made perfect by inchoate delirium,

During that time were things called The Exalted.
During that time they called themselves mighty,
During that time they called themselves masters of the Shattered Annex.

What Follows is the story of their Ignorance.
What Follows is the story of their Folly.
What Follows is the story of their Last Days.

- Invocation of the Sutra of the First Blasphemy

Since the moment of the Yozis fall, The Broken Winged Crane has been a cancer, ever gnawing at the body and soul of Creation. The great Sorcerors of the First Age hoarded every copy far from the light of the Sun. The engineer-magi of the Shogunate razed whole cities to keep its prophets from escaping. The Wyld Hunt would dare the ruins of the Anethema to retrieve even a single page of the dread tome.

In this age of strife, however, the cancer spreads unchecked. It is growing, metastasizing into new and abhorrent forms. The Great Blasphemy draws ever closer to completion, and soon all of Creation will see the terrible glory of The Broken Winged Crane.

There will be no need for eyes after that.

Player Characters

Skycroft: Resplendent Aria of Flame

Mr Prim: Thrice-Cursed Saki

Shawn Hagen: Razor Dreaming Kitten

lordmcdeath: Morning Way

Cowboy Energy: Ranjan Thakuro

Chair Kicker: 108 Triumphant Steps

Notable NPCs


The Chronicler of the Final Victory, a masked infernalist who wields the Broken Winged Crane.
His Acolytes:
Black Astran
Green De'Lo


Ten Stone Joss, the owner of the Rabid Cat inn.
Sergeant Rutendo, the Tomb Guard in charge of the investigation

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