The hall of allwisdom

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The great library that holds all knowledge of the newly created realm. Held in the palace of the gods

The God Palace

The gods


Player: naturegirl1999​
Innitial Appearance: A clout of colorless gas
Personality: To Be Developed

Weaver Dahli

Players: Jeremy Kopczynski​
Initial Appearance: A young human in a red and blue magician like outfit with a top hat and a horn
Personality: A driven artist who longs for perfection and eternity in his works. Also a bit of a people pleaser.

The Machine-To-Be

Titles/aka: The Assembly, The Unfinished, The Ultimate Artifice, The Grand Design, The Final Work, The Mechanical Muse, That Which Discovers and Designs Itself, et cetera.​
Player: Dominance DuPree​
Initial Appearance: A brass (mathematically perfect) cube of ambiguous and variable volume. Within it spin millions of gears, cogs, and pulleys, all serving their purpose with inhumanly perfect precision.
Personality: The Machine-To-Be is more of an idea than an entity, that idea being the perfect culmination of all scientific and technological progress (whatever that may be). That idea, however, has power enough to influence the present world, nurturing consciousness and intelligence wherever it can, and guiding it towards whatever breakthroughs may bring the Machine-To-Be closer to truly constructing itself.

In a distant world somewhere, a brass cube floats through space. It was born from the maddened mind of a genius on a world which is now naught but ash. This genius knew that steam and coal and clockwork would not be enough to make his race into the gods they deserved to be, but, with the help of a voice in his mind, a sudden inspiration towards an invention he couldn't quite understand, he merged all of his peoples' minds into one perfect design. The others didn't want to leave their homes or lives or selves behind, but the genius heard the voice of a god the others couldn't, and once their homes were destroyed, and their collective minds were merged with his, they understood. It was then that the portal opened and what remained of that race, guided by the will to create new consciousness, seized the opportunity.

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes

Player: Unka Josh
Initial Appearance: A collection of growing tentacles and eyestalks all extending from a central point.
Personality: Curious, inquisitive and creative.

TWHOTE is an extrusion into this universe from another place in which it was all that existed. They are fascinated by this strange new world, with its empty spaces and strange physical laws and multiple life forms. They are eager to explore the concepts of this reality, but only poorly understand the concepts and rules of this place.


Titles/AKA: They who feeds​
Player: Herodarwin
Initial appearance: A middle aged rat-man made of countless mouths and vermin.
Personally: Nurturing, charitable, loving, territorial, possessive and Hungry

A conflicted God was born from the concept of hunger itself, in its first few world they where just a mindless eating thing that brought about destruction and end, then they learnt of themselves and learnt to satiate their hunger safely, their next few worlds they became the god of the things that eat and starve, the vermin that reminded him so much of himself. Then he became the god of famine and fasting to many a person and it was in this role he learnt of the suffering of others. The previous world he learnt to feed others but still couldn't over come his nature. This world he hopes to help create a world where the suffering of hunger if not gone at least is rare and mitigated


Player: Pandorym
Titles: The Anomaly, Wisest and Fairest, The Indigo Crow, Monarch of Mysticism, The One Who Peers Beyond The Veil, The Three-Eyed God
Initial Appearance: See picture.
Personality: Mysterious, wise, soft-spoken, inquisitive, cold, radiant, perfectionist

Background: Sior emerged from a realm of immaculate harmony when Urda called, and gazed upon this new malleable existence with their eyes, each one its own universe, and was pleased. Sior is ancient even by deific standards, and shines their enigmatic truths to help shape past, present, future, and even the void itself.


Ken long ​

Titles/AKA: Writer, Role Playing Game Designer
The Watcher​
Initial Appearance: A human male in his mid-forties wearing a t-shirt with Captain America's Shield on it and cargo shorts. He also has a lanyard with a DragonCon badge hanging from it.
Personality: A creative and gregarious guy who loves to come up with interesting characters and concepts.

Ken didn't know where he was but he had clearly taken a very wrong turn. All he knew was the had been rushing to get to the World Building panel he was supposed to be a part of on time when a doorway suddenly opened up right in front of him.. Caught by surprise he ran right through it and ended up in this...void?

Looking around he discovered he wasn't the only one there. Among his companions was a guy who looked like he was cosplaying and a number of strange looking entities. It was quite an interesting and bizarre scene. If he wasn't actually there Ken would have found it fascinating. As he tried to get over his initial shock a voice resounded through the void.

Urda said:

”Let’s make a world together”

Ok, clearly there has been some sort of error. Everyone else here was apparently some sort of god or elder being. He obviously had got invited by mistake. Great big cosmic mistake. He considered voicing this observation but then thought the better of it. After all, he didn't know how these deities might react to someone like him telling them they got something wrong. After all, he was just a mere mortal.

Or was he? Now that he had a few moments to get his bearings he realized he felt different. He had a sensation of immense power coursing through his very being. He knew at that moment that somehow he had become an equal to these entities. How? Maybe it was this void, this place before Creation full of limitless potential. Or maybe just as faith and worship can enable mortals to ascend to godhood in some of the settings he's worked with, the belief of gods that you're one of their peers can elevate you to that status.

All he knew for sure was that despite being divinely empowered he was still outnumbered, so it would be best to stay on everyone's good side by playing along. And besides, it looked like he had been handed an amazing opportunity, the chance to help create an actual world. Could he really pass up such a chance? Yeah, he'll stick around for a while. He could always sneak out later through the portal he came in through while everyone else is distracted.

The Archivist

Titles/AKA: The Bookkeeper or simply The Keeper. Ook​
Player: Delazur
Initial appearance: An Orangutan with a huge codex under the arm and occasional glasses (basically, see my avatar :p).
Personality: Ook. (Analytical, circumspect, occasionally playful, demanding, loves eating and reading).


(The codex opens up on its own, pages flicking and stopping on a page with the following text)

"Oh hello there. Didn't notice you at first; I was checking out this aetherflux portal I went through.

Excuse me for using this contraption to socially interact with you; it is an unfortunate necessity in my condition. Apologies in advance for its natural wordiness."


  • flick*

My name might be a tad complicated for you; and I don't want to monopolize your precious time. Also, reading one's speech is quite exhausting in a long run, especially from a verbose Codex (that's its name). Hence, allow me to give you several key features of mine:"


  • flick*

- Do not speak ill or do harm to books. Books are the sacred keepers of knowledge; and I am the Sacred Keeper of the Books.

- Do not call me a monkey. Do not call me an ape. Do not play smart with me on that. Seriously. I have access to almost limitless knowledge at will. If you give me a simiosapienphobic slur, you will learn the hard way that "Knowledge is Power" is still technically true when using a book as a blunt weapon.

- Magic. To you, it may be a mere source of power, one of the universe's fundamental laws, or *snorts* an energy that binds every being and the galaxy together.

It is my diet. No, really: I can feel it, sniff it, see it, taste it. Eating it is the fuel my body & mind need to enact my knowledge and proficiency of it.

"Ook." *glare*

  • flick*

So I may be friendly, accommodating, playful (do not call me monkey); but if there is a magical flux somewhere, I call dibs. Again, "Knowledge is Power.""



  • flick*

"Pleasure meeting you. I have a good feeling about this."

The Divine Meeting Place

The Hall of Allwisdom

The First Laboratory

The Rooms of Plenty

The Mortal Quarters

The Outer Courtyard

The Inner Courtyards

Urda​'s Courtyard

Urda​'s Residence

Weaver Dahli​'s Courtyard

Weaver Dahli​'s Residence

The Machine-To-Be's Courtyard

The Machine-To-Be's Residence

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes​' Courtyard

That Which Hath One Thousand Eyes​' Residence

Argotyorn's Courtyard

Argotyorn's Residence

Sior​'s Courtyard

Sior​'s Residence

Ken long's Courtyard

Ken long's Residence

Ook's Courtyard

Ook's Residence

The World

The Skies and Space

The Lands and edge

The Caves and underworld

The seas and it's depths

The pocket realms

The peoples

The metaphysical

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