Titan World - Wille zur Macht

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A Titan World game, run by loxmyth

Threads of Note

IC Thread
OOC Thread
Recruitment Thread


101st Trainees Squad, Southern Division

  • Instructor Hartmann
  • Instructor Greta "The Ice Witch" Winter
  • Jana
  • Leon
  • Sabine
  • Mika - tall, with spiky, dark-brown hair and a killer smile. "Can be a lot of fun when he's not looking at himself in the mirror". Assumed he did well in the final tests, and claimed to have gotten the hang of the Equator and Critical Reeling maneuvers with the gear.
  • Altan - wiry boy with intense, blue eyes. Seriously hooked on stories about death and suffering - probably kills pets and animals for fun and tried to do the same to a young teen girl. Hedwig and Jana stopped him, but no-one else knows.
  • Myna - short girl with mousy blonde hair and spectacles. Graceful, but very shy and self-conscious.
  • Gunther
  • Manfred - a giant of a man, half a foot taller than Leon and outweighs him by 50 pounds of muscle. Wears his blonde hair short. Family history with the MP - two uncles in, grandfather in - and predisposed to the current system and its nobles. Excellent hand to hand-skills. Gutsy and brave, with a bit of a temper and a chip on his shoulder about his own (impressive) abilities. Friend and sometime rival of Leon.
  • Karina - 19 years old, red hair. Among the top three or four in class using the Maneuver Gear. Friendly with Leon, Petra and Manfred. A bit of a peacemaker. Lived with her aunt and uncle before joining up. She's got two cousins almost old enough to follow her footsteps.
  • Maylen
  • Ten - Morose, gallow-humored girl with almond eyes. One of the best man-to-man fighters among the trainees. Supposedly put money on half the class not making it home from the first foray.
  • Arnold - lanky young trainee with black, curly hair. Admires Petra's skills and probably likes her.
  • Hedwig - "country"-girl, who still haven't shed her rustic manners. Red hair braided in two braids. Very outgoing and quick to defend or help her friends. Jana's best (only?) friend.
  • Ronald - a class clown, known as a goofball who never takes much seriously. Occasionally gets into bad trouble over it.
  • Roman - asked Petra to deliver a gift-wrapped small box to Tilda for him. It got lost in the chaos of the Titan attack.
  • Cam
  • Silvio
  • Neils
  • Henri
  • Philemon
  • Grigory
  • Augustus
  • Rada
  • Herbert
  • Mercer
  • Frederick - short and stout; not fat, but... solid. Dances... awfully, and doesn't car who sees it - probably goes for a lot with him.
  • Gustave
  • Tilda
  • Dany - trainee Jana beat up severely in hand-to-hand training (using one of Leon's techniques) after she made one joke too many about betting on Jana's life.

Survey Regiment

  • Cpl Reinhardt
  • Cpl Weiss

Military Police

  • Leonhard Luther


  • Sabine's Parents
  • "Aunt" Ali
  • Mueller
  • Fritz
  • Karl
  • Mendel


  • Martin
  • Matron Kida - the old owner of a small café right next to the barracks, next to a small pet shop. Makes excellent tea and cakes - especially apfelstrudel. Going slightly senile. Her café is Jana's favorite hangout. May have lost a daughter/niece(granddaughter named Mari, to the Titans or to misfortune.
  • Matron Kida's son - runs the café with his mother.


  • Maria - Leon's wife; died during the fall of Shiganshina.
  • Michael - Leon's brother in law; KIA during the campaign to retake Wall Maria.
  • Petra

Custom Moves

Trailing [Awareness]

When you trail someone who isn't aware of your presence, roll +Awareness.
On a 10+, both.
On a 7-9, choose one:

  • You aren't detected.
  • You get where you want to go.

Act Under Fire [Discipline]

When you do something under fire, or dig in to endure fire, roll+Discipline.
On a 10+, you do it.
On a 7-9, you flinch, hesitate or stall: the GM can offer you a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choice.