Umbral Domains: Changeling Spirits

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Spirits & Realms

It is possible for Changelings to enter the various Umbra by traveling along the various Paths of Balor. Similarly it's possible for Nunnehi to enter these regions through contact with their Totem. Once in the Umbra it's possible, even likely, that the Fae will interact with Spirits. But when using Arts on Spirits which Realms can be used to affect them?

Spirits are basically embody the essence, or core concepts, of things. Most material concepts are covered by one of the Realms in some way. Immaterial concepts are also tied to the Realms though more indirectly.

For instance "freedom" is a concept relating to humans, and humans are covered by Actor so the spirit of Freedom would be covered by Actor and the spirit's relationship with the characters would determine the level of Actor needed to influence it. On the other hand "rain" is a nature based concept, so the spirit of rain would simply be covered under Nature 4.

Fae Realm is applied to any Spirits which take the form of obvious fae or mythic creatures. They are covered by the Realm level closest to their actual appearance. All Spirits and phenomena not covered by any other Realm are considered Dwomer of Glamour and are covered by Fae 5.

--Peter K. 10:17, 11 June 2006 (PDT)