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I am playing in: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Wednesday evenings at The Source.

I am running: Red Hand of Doom, Saturday evenings at a private location.

Wiki contributions

World of Warcraft

My World of Warcraft characters are:

My availability times for WoW are generally during the evening, from 7 PM to whenever I go to bed, Central Time; on weekends I'm usually available from mid-afternoon to bedtime but erratically. I try to be on each server on an alternating day schedule, though sometimes I do consecutive days in one character or another, depending on workload and plans for that character. Special date-time items: Wednesdays: Not in server; D&D (usually)
Thursdays: Raiding with guild
Fridays: Usually in, unless other things are happening
Every other Saturday: Red Hand of Doom I am currently not subscribed to City of Heroes.
Character Name Race Class Level Professions Server Guild
Constanz Human Warrior 60 Miner/Blacksmith Feathermoon Shardracona