Victoria Lancaster

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Voted the Worst Place to Live in America

Victoria Lancaster[edit]


Maker: 5

  • Field: 5
  • Upgrade: 1
  • Fabrication: 3
  • Invention: 1


  • Cultural Background: Western European (England)
  • Personality: Stable and Serious
  • Clothing style: Businesswear
  • Hair: Long and ratty
  • Affectation: heels
  • Values: Vengeance
  • People: I like almost everyone!
  • Most valued person: The Duchess, her cat
  • Most valued possession: Piece of clothing (a jacket made for her by an ex)
  • Original Background: Corporate Executive (but most recently Combat Zone)
  • Childhood environment: Corporate Starscraper
  • Family Crisis: Held liable for a family debt. Victoria is by means of inheritance the Face of the Lancaster corporation, which is in such a state that she cannot live a legitimate life
  • Friends: Margaret Fitzallen-Smythe, eldest daughter of a Lancaster cadet family. Rival of Victoria at University, but they kept each other alive in the Combat Zone. They don't *like* each other but share an intense loyalty.
  • Enemies: Georgiana Lancaster, distant cousin who sold out to the enemy when the Lancasters were ruined, Victoria took this personally and set her up to take the fall for a crime so as to ruin the cozy little middle class life she sold out for in the first place. Georgiana only has herself and a few friends with which to get her (recursive) revenge, and will try to backstab Victoria indirectly, having somehow formed the opinion that Victoria is vindictive lunatic that is dangerous to approach.
  • Tragic Ex: Darcy Connell, of the Night City Connells. Darcy is an American corporate princess who studied in England and fell in love with Victoria Lancaster while she was there; a budding fashion designer, she made the jacket Victoria prizes to this day while they were dating. However it was the *Connell* family and their corporation that took down the Lancasters, depriving Victoria of most of her relatives and her ability to live in legitimate society. Darcy reluctantly sided with her family, and while she and Victoria still carry torches for each other, Darcy very much fears ever seeing her lover again. Victoria for her part wouldn't dream of harming Darcy in any way except in the sense that Darcy will have no living family once she's through.
  • Life goal: Find those responsible for her miserable life and make them pay (see above, Connell family/corp)
  • What kind of tech are you? Victoria's a Jack of All Trades owing to her broad education and the demands of the Combat Zone. In another life, she'd be an eccentric inventor, but we don't always get what we want, and Victoria specifically never does.
  • What's your workspace like? Fully digital and obsessively backed up. Victoria trained with the very best in CAD software and then went on to spend some time being utterly unable to rely on a physical workspace not being overrun or blown up.
  • Who are your main clients? She works for herself, selling whatever she invents or repairs.
  • Where do you get your supplies? Scavenging in abandoned City Zones.
  • Who is gunning for you? Corporates who want her to work for them exclusively. This is actually a terrible idea for them since she's a walking liability bomb but everyone thinks they can get away with just giving her a new ID and getting an engineer with elite training at a bargain price.


  • Int. 8
  • Ref. 8
  • Dex. 7
  • Tech. 8
  • Cool. 5
  • Will. 4
  • Luck. 6
  • Move. 5
  • Body. 6
  • Emp. 6


  • Athletics 2
  • Brawling 2
  • Concentration 2
  • Conversation 2
  • Education 6
  • Evasion 6
  • First Aid 6
  • Human Perception 2
  • Language (Street Slang) 2
  • Language (English) 4
  • Local Expert (?) 2
  • Perception 2
  • Persuasion 2
  • Stealth 2
  • Basic Tech 6
  • Cybertech 6
  • Electronics/Security Tech: 6
  • Land Vehicle Tech: 6
  • Shoulder Arms: 6
  • Science (?): 6
  • Weaponstech: 6

Basic Gear[edit]

  • Assault Rifle & 100 rounds
  • Light Armourjack helm/body (SP11)
  • Flashbang


  • Agent
  • Anti-Smog breathing mask
  • Disposable phone
  • Duct tape x5
  • Flashlight
  • Road Flare x 6
  • Techbag
  • Generic chic clothing, leisurewear shoes


  • Cybereye
  • Microoptics
  • Tool hand
  • Skin watch

Humanity cost: 12


IP: 50