Vidya Kol

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A PC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Female Trill
Environment: Homeworld
Upbringing: Science and Technology (accepted)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Assignment: USS Eclipse


Stress: 11 / 11
Determination: 1 / 3
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 6 Damage Dice (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 4 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines

Attribute Discipline
Control 11 Command 3
Daring 10 Conn 2
Fitness 8 Security 3
Insight 7 Engineering 5
Presence 9 Science 3
Reason 11 Medicine 1


Bold: Engineering: Whenever you attempt a Task with Engineering, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll a single d20.
Experimental Device (Remote Drone): You have designed and constructed a new piece of equipment that is either a brand new invention or is heavily modified from its original to the point of being barely recognizable. In either case, the device performs a function that you determine when you select this Talent. When used appropriately, it automatically provides you an Advantage. However, its experimental nature means there are lingering design bugs that sometimes plagues its function. Increase the Complication Range of any Task by 2 when using this device.
Joined... sort of: As the first host of Kol, Vidya doesn't have access to any past-life memories, but two minds are still better than one... sometimes. Whenever the character succeeds at a Task for which they bought one or more additional dice with either Momentum or Threat, they may roll 1[D]. The character receives bonus Momentum equal to the roll, and adds one point to Threat if an Effect is rolled.
Rocks into Replicators: Once per session, you may destroy any single piece of equipment to create any other piece of equipment of an equal or lower Opportunity Cost. This new piece of equipment has a Complication range increase of 2, with the Complication being a malfunction that renders it useless. You should provide a reasonable explanation as to how a repurposed or cannibalized device could function and the Gamemaster has final say if there is any question about the “reasonableness” of the new device.


Combat Engineering
Damage Control
Power Systems
Reverse Engineering


Theory is no substitute for experimentation
There's something to like about everyone
If you're not willing to innovate, step aside
The Prime Directive is an expression of cowardice


34 years old, Academy class of 2370.

Pretty outgoing and forward, but not the best at reading a room or telling when she's being lied to. Bubbly when not in work mode (and even then, if she's building something exciting and/or dangerous). Fairly likely to pursue the green alien babe of the week.

Served first on the Excelsior-class USS Al Batani, transferred to Akira-class USS Zarathustra during the war with the Klingons. Zarathustra was assigned to the frequently ill-fated 7th fleet during the Dominion War. She was one of the few ships in the formation to make it through the whole war, though often badly mauled with heavy casualties, especially among engineering personnel.

Some of her bubbliness is an attempt to avoid lingering trauma from the war, as is her tendency to lose herself in work.

Took up drums at the Academy. Previously also made and learned the Ressikan flute based on the archaeological notes disseminated by Captain Picard for her maker channel. She's gotten a bit out of practice since the end of the War, with her attention mostly taken up by working on her drone design and her contributions to the Eclipse's development, but is getting back into it.