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Biographical Details[edit]

  • Name: Nicole Sargent
  • Concept: ("Political") Urbanomancer City Councilor
  • Physical Description: Late middle age, jowly, serious about the city, a bit of an aunt Gertrude



  • Description: "Urban Blight." The urban ills that infested NYC when she lived there, and which she fled for Buffalo back in the 80s.
  • Tied to: Seeing a friend stabbed to death on the subway in NYC by someone who was very clearly part of the occult underworld.


  • Description: "Community." Everyone in the city is part of the city—even the homeless and criminals—and the city would not be the same without them... but balance needs to be maintained.
  • Tied to: ?


  • Description: Corruption. Not just politicians on the take, but any improper diverting of resources, energy, or manpower away from its stated purpose (without good reason, of course).
  • Tied to: Her struggles in City Hall.


  • Protege:
  • Favorite:
  • Responsibility:
  • Guru:
  • Mentor:


City Councilor 40%[edit]

  • Because I am a City Councilor, of course I can access city records, pull strings and call in favors from city government offices, pressure local businesses, pressure the council to act, leak information to the press
  • Substitutes: Lie
  • Feature: Coerces Helplessness
  • Feature: Resists challenges to Helplessness

Snoop 30%[edit]

  • Because I am a snoop, of course I can: figure out what people are hiding, sneak something out of someone else's office, plant a spying device, get someone to accidentally spill the beans,
  • Substitutes: Pursuit
  • Feature: Coerces Isolation
  • Feature: Resists Self (if she digs anything up.)

Urbanomancer 50%[edit]

  • "Political" Type: Lose charges when making contact with the earth (i.e. soil) of the city.

Shock Gauges[edit]


  • Hardened: 2
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Fitness 55%
  • Dodge 25%


  • Hardened: 1
  • Failed: 0
  • Syndrome:
  • Status 60%
  • Pursuit 20%


  • Hardened: 2
  • Failed: 1
  • Syndrome:
  • Knowledge 55%
  • Lie 25%


  • Hardened: 4
  • Failed: 1
  • Syndrome:
  • Notice 45%
  • Secrets 35%


  • Hardened: 2
  • Failed: 1
  • Syndrome:
  • Connect 55%
  • Struggle 25%


Foils: Bill Miller is your typical useless know-nothing city hall guy. He's likely to eventually run for mayor, and has the bullying, idiotic, and fast-talking qualities that probably would make him a sure bet. In the meantime, he's biding his time trying to make sure he blocks every useful proposal that comes before the city council, with the usual obstructive, dismissive rhetoric about "taxpayers" and "realism."