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(Dramatis Personae)
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==Dramatis Personae==
==Dramatis Personae==
*[[Ilsa Baumhauer]], Roadwarden, played by Allandros
*[[Ilsa Baumhauer]], Roadwarden, played by [Allandros]
*[[Reiner Olbricht]], Coachman, played by chrespo
*[[Reiner Olbricht]], Coachman, played by [chrespo]
*[[Elise Stumpfnase]], Fisherwoman, Played by Victor Von Villain
*[[Elise Stumpfnase]], Fisherwoman, Played by [Victor Von Villain]
*[[Konrad Sauerkirschen]], Servant, played by nemo
*[[Konrad Sauerkirschen]], Servant, played by [nemo]
*[[Franz Sauerkirschen]], Agitator, played by Phantom Grunweasel
*[[Franz Sauerkirschen]], Agitator, played by [Phantom Grunweasel]

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Easy Money is a PBP WHFRP game run by JerekKruger.

Dramatis Personae