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A Woven [[Logrus]] is a shadow of the Logrus.
Like Broken patterns of Amber, which include a little less Order then the Pattern, a woven Logrus contains a little less Chaos the the Logrus.
The Logrus is a constantly moving initiation that requires excellent skill at shapehanging to assay.  Different shapes being required for different moments in the passage through the construct.  Woven Logruses have sections of the construct that are stable, not requiring constant shapeshifting to effect. the percent of divergence from the true chaos of the Logrus is called its degree of "Knotting" or how "Knotted" it is.
There are extremely few items with Logrus Inscriptions, the very immutable nature of the perfectly chaotic logrus works against them.  However, Woven Logrus items, are more common, as inscribing the woven section is more possible to retain its powers on an artifact.  The greater amount of woven section the more powerful the artifact.
Gutsedvem[[https://wiki.rpg.net/index.php/Diners_of_Amber#Gutsedvem]] has the best known Woven Logrus.  It is 88% "Knotted" and can be assayed by someone skillfully using a shapeshifting artifact since the construct does not attempt to effect items carried by the walker.
=='''Powers of the Woven Logrus'''==
*'''''25 pips Basic Woven Logrus Imprint''''': Frame can hold 12 spells of any power level with great power.
*'''''40 pips Advanced Woven Logrus Imprint''''':Frame can hold 18 spells of any power level with great power.
*'''''80 Pips Master's Woven Logrus Imprint''''': Frame can hold 24 spells of any power level with great power.
*To assay for a '''Basic Imprint'' one must have have the power of shape-change in order react to the changing nature of the construct.  Using an artifact does not work since the artifacts would be disassembled by the experience.
*To assay for an ''Advanced Imprint'' one must have the power of shape-change at an ''advanced'' level.
*To assay for a ''Master's Imprint'' one must have shape-change at a ''Master'' level.

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