XCOM: At Any Cost: Kurogane Miyuki

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Kurogane Miyuki


Country of Origin: Japan

Character Intro


However you want to describe the character. What's memorable? How would someone describe them to someone else?


- Courage d6

- Tactics d10

Trait Statement: A good enemy equipment is the one that works for me

- Force of Will d8


- Role: Psi-Active Specialist d8

"I have a lot of things in my bag of tricks, from technology to the power of the mind."

  • Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.
  • Activated SFX

- Trait/Characteristic: Trait or Characteristic d8

one sentence IC statement

Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.

- Quirk: Quirk d8

one sentence IC statement

Gain 1 Plot Point when you step down to a d4 from a d8.


- Civilians d6

- Resistance d6

Trait Statement "They poorly understand their enemy's tech"

- XCOM d10 (technology 2d6)

- Reapers d4

- Skirmishers d6

- Templars d8


- Faidon 'CATHAR' Pan d8

- Rix 'RISKER' Pren d8

- Elizabeth 'FOXHUNT' Whitechapel d8

- Diana 'OUTLAW' Knight d8

- Civilians d4

- Resistance d6

- Reapers d4

- Skirmishers d4

- Templars d8

Signature Assets

- Assets: Gremlin Mark II d8. Phrase: 'built it myself'


ORIGINS : Strange

She grew up looking at the original XCOM before the alien destroyed them. Her parents work in the original XCOM (research dept.) when it get activated. She grew up idolizing the likes of Dr Shen and Dr Vahlen, seeing the wonder they cooked up from reverse engineering alien tech (more like Dr Vahlen given her foward method in approaching tech and research?). A strange situation to grow up, looking at the rapidly developing tech. In addition, she is one of the people that are first discovered as psionically active when XCOM first Psi Lab is built.

- Country of Origin: Japan

- Affiliation : XCOM d6. phrase: 'seen the original, saw it destroyed first time'

- Element: Situation: First Psi Lab - the original XCOM developed its first Psi Lab, which was dependent on identifying psionic-potential XCOM operatives and subjecting them to untried and barely tested protocols. Phrase: 'psionic potential detected early'

- Element: Organization: XCOM Engineering - a dedicated corps of engineers and technicians who pull apart and study alien technology and then reassemble it into functional equipment for XCOM operatives. Phrase: 'wonder of alien tech'

FOCUS : Technology

Fleeing from the XCOM base, she and her parents join up with the survivor of XCOM engineering and research departement and build a place known as the forge where she learn most of her skill in research and making tech. She loved to play with her psionic ability but her passion is more on research and development of new tech.

- Element: Location: The Forge - Built by the surviving member of XCOM engineers and researchers. They provide the resistance with their equipment in exchange for tech from the alien that they research to improve their equipment. phrase: 'founding member... sort of'

- Attributes: Force of Will d8. Phrase: 'Experimental Method, Trial and Error'

- Affiliation: Resistance d6. Phrase: 'Interesting way to use equipment I make'

- Relationship: Resistance d6. Phrase: 'They are a good costumer'

- Meta Element: The Forge --> XCOM Engineering. Phrase: 'looking for survivor'

- Trait Statement: Resistance (They poorly understood their enemy's technology)

Life-changing Event : Manifestation

The Forge, after searching for a long time more XCOM survivors built a radio transmitter to further their search attempt. And look and behold, there is a response from none other than Bradford himself. He informed the ex XCOM research and engineering dept. that he is rebuilding XCOM and inviting them back.

- Elements: Situation: Putting the gang back together - leaders from the former XCOM are still alive and kicking. XCOM of old actively seeking out its former members to form a new XCOM

- Elements:

- Distinction: Role: Specialist d8. Phrase: 'totally born for this'

- Attributes: Tactics d8. Phrase: 'know your enemy'

- Affiliation: XCOM d8. Phrase: 'the fight still goes on'

- Affiliation: Templar d6. Phrase: 'I know them from before'

- Relationship:

  • CATHAR d6, Phrase: 'want to learn Psionics from'
  • Rix Pren d6, Phrase: 'interesting equipment'
  • Ms Whitechapel d6, Phrase: 'unsettling but dependable'

- Signature Asset: Gremlin d6. Phrase: 'build it myself'

Priority: Moving Foward

After getting somewhat reintegrated back to XCOM she can go back working on developing more tech and looking foward do all the tech that she can play with. And maybe playing with her psionic ability.

- Element: Props: XCOM Complete Backup Data. Records of their research and developed equipment. Supposedly lost during the invasion but knowing the leaders of XCOM, they should have backups somewhere else. Phrase: 'Know it's exist but not where'

- Affiliation: XCOM d10. Phrase: 'new war, new tactics'

- Relationship:

  • Templars d6. Phrase: 'Learning their new ways'
  • Diana Knight d6. Phrase: 'a good part of the team.'

- Trait Statement: Tactics. Phrase: 'A good enemy equipment is the one that works for me'

Modus Operandi: Outside Normal Channel

Snow often hacked the enemy tech turning them against her enemy, sabotage their machinery or jury rigged them into viable tools with her knowledge of engineering, and a dash of Psionics ability.

- Meta Element: The Forge to The Factory. The forge has always been scouting (or hire some resistance member with equipment to do that) the factory or any other ADVENT facility, collecting information that they can use if they want to raid the place.

- Meta Element: Lily Shen and XCOM Complete Backup Data. Her father should have told her some clue about that.

- Distinction: Trait/Characteristic:

- Affiliation: Templar d8.

- Affiliation: Skirmishers d6.

- Relationship: Templar d8.

- Relationship: CATHAR d8.

- Assets: Gremlin d8. Phrase: 'long due upgrades'

- Specialty: XCOM: Technology d6

- Trait Statement: Reapers "Technology is a tool. How you use it that matters"

Motivation: The Job

Snow definitely love her job since it allows her to get into contact of various high-tech alien equipment. Of course there is the saving the world and all as a bonus.

- Meta Elements: Snow and Lily Shen. They had met before and are a friend before the unification war.

- Quirk:

- Affiliation: Civilians d6

- Attributes: Tactics d10. She think of problem in logical way.

- Relationship:

  • RISKER d8
  • FOXHUNT d8
  • OUTLAW d8

- Specialty: XCOM: Technology d8

- Assets: