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Superhero Name: Tiger Beetle

Real Name: Benito Cervantes

Origin: Accident (Silver Storm)

Theme: Techno-Organic Speedster

Gender: male (he/him)

Motivation: Acceptance

Complication: Identity (Documentary Film Editor)

Normal appearance: late-20's Hispanic male

Superhero appearance: White, insectile "battlesuit" with tiger beetle striation patterns

Power level/Total points: PR 10/150

Abilities (All zero because he was just a normal, everyday person before the change, and even now, without his powers):

Strength 0 / Agility 0 / Fighting 0 / Awareness 0 / Stamina 0 / Dexterity 0 / Intellect 0 / Presence 0

Defenses (20)

Dodge 15 (due to superspeed)

Fortitude 0

Parry 15 (due to superspeed)

Toughness 5 (forcefield)

Will 20 (computer brain)

Initiative: +47

Skills (7)

Acrobatics 5 (+20)

Close Combat: Unarmed 5 (+5)

Expertise (all, from previous documentary work, but only for information purposes:+5)

Investigation (documentary research) 4 (+4)

Advantages (17):

Speed related Advantages:

Agile Feint: use Acrobatics or movement speed to feint and trick in combat, vs foe's Acrobatics or Insight

Speed Blitz (All-Out Attack): Up to -5 from Dodge and Parry for up to +5 to attack bonus

Defensive Attack: Up to -5 on attack bonus for up to +5 to Dodge and Parry

Quicker Than The Eye Can Follow (Hide in Plain Sight): You can hide without needing a diversion and without a Stealth penalty

Improved Trip: Make Acrobatics check vs their worst of Acrobatics or Athletics to prone foe adjacent

Move-By Action: Can move both before and after my standard action

Redirect: A successful trick redirects a missed attack against me to another adjacent target as a reaction

Set-Up 4: transfer benefits of a successful interaction to 5 teammates

Takedown 2: If incapacitate a minion, can move to free attack another minion, repeatable until miss.

Uncanny Dodge: Not vulnerable when surprised

Techno-organic Advantages:

Computer Brain (Eidetic Memory): +5 circumstance bonus to remember info, including Expertise checks as if trained.

I Don't Sleep, I Just Surf Wikipedia All Night (Well-Informed): Make immediate Investigation check to see if have heard about the subject, once per subject.


BUILT FOR SPEED (following powers all linked together):

Super-Speed 8 - Sustained, Subtle (frictionless forcefield sheathe prevents air displacement effects): run 500mph/+32 to Initiative/1 hour of activity in 12 sec (Cost: 25)

Enhanced Agility 15 - Sustained (Cost: 30)

Enhanced Parry 15 - Sustained (Cost: 15)

Senses 2 - Sustained, only while moving fast: Rapid visual processing x100 (Cost: 2)

Speed Stunts array (Cost: 9)

 Movement: Sure-Footed 3 - Ignore 3pts of speed penalties
 Leaping 4 - can make 120' leaps (0-pt Quirk: Not from a standing start)
 Movement: Wall-Crawling 2 - Run up walls at full speed, not vulnerable while climbing
 Movement: Water-Walking 2 - stand, move, or lie on water (0-pt Quirk: must stay in constant superspeed motion, however slight)

TECHNO-ORGANIC BODY (following powers all linked):

I Guess I'm A Robot Now? (Immunity 14) - immune to aging, life support, need for sleep; ignore slam damage I inflict on myself (Cost: 13) Quirk: ignore slam damage only while armored-up into Tiger Beetle mode

Frictionless Energy Sheathe (Forcefield) - Protection 13, Sustained Flaw: Speed Systems Down, Redirecting Power to Shields (Reduced Trait Flaw) - Reduce Protection by Speed Value (8) (Cost: 5)

Auto-Repair Circuits (Regeneration 5) - recover Toughness penalty -1 or a damage condition every other round (Cost: 5)

High-Speed Navigation System / "Antennae-Vision" (Senses 6 - tactile, Extended x3, Acute, Direction Sense, Distance Sense) - precise 360 degree sensing and orienteering out to 1,000 ft (Cost: 3) Limited (to Extended x3 and Acute): Detects exact shape, form, and spatial orientation of objects, but not their temperature, texture, consistency, etc. Quirk: Only while in Tiger Beetle mode, and only while moving rapidly

Background: Benito works in a documentary film studio, editing footage, fact-checking, and planning new documentaries. He was running an errand on Yellow Brick Row when the Silver Storm Event occurred. Investigators believe the storm, at least in the small section of it that he was caught in, affected victims according to whatever they were thinking as it happened. To people who must have been thinking, "Oh God, am I gonna die?", death was swift and certain. For those whose thoughts were, "Am I going crazy?" or "Are we turning into monsters/freaks?", they survived, but perhaps that wasn't a blessing.

Benito's thoughts in that moment were a mix of, "I've gotta get out of here!", "I've gotta help people!", and "I really wish I could've finished those two documentaries I still had open". The two documentaries in question being, Robots: Servants of the Future, and Tiger Beetles: Nature's Fastest Insects. Due to the random mix of ideas in his head, he found his body transformed into a strange, techno-organic version of its previous self, with the speed to rescue both he and some of the other innocent victims around him. That speed also allowed him to flee the scene without taking credit for any of his heroic actions . . . or getting detained by the wary authorities investigating and securing the area.

Benito found that, perhaps due to the twin documentary topics that had flashed through his head during the "imprinting", he had two "modes" that he could switch freely between. One was his normal, pre-change appearance ("lifelike android", as in the documentary about robots), and a "battle form" that had a hardened carapace "armor", insect-like eyes, and the coloration and patterning of a tiger beetle's shell (as per the other documentary).

Benito has been keeping a low profile since then, practicing with his new abilities and secretly helping others whenever he can, but he's still unsure of his role in life going forward. He still maintains his human identity, but worries what will happen if and when his pseudo-robotic nature is ever revealed. He'll be drawn to the Dawn of DNA affair in the context of his civilian identity, poking around as part of an investigation into using the events as a topic for an upcoming crime documentary. However, he's . . . quite literally . . . able to switch into Tiger Beetle at a moment's notice, should the need arise.