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Born a good Imperial citizen, Taylonus Grigorian is one of the most charming murderers you are likely to meet.

Don’t take that the wrong way.

Originally an Enforcer, Tai developed a talent for working the streets and earned promotion to the undercover branch of his unit. His skills grew as he infiltrated gangs and minor cults until he was the best in the whole organisation - though he would never tell you that, and nobody outside ranking officers knew his name.

Assigned to infiltrate the House of Blades, a death cult that his superiors had some concerns about, Tai found them to be absolute in their faith in the Emperor. His superiors kept pushing the matter, though, until he became suspicious and did some digging of his own. It didn't take much for him to find out that there was corruption at the highest ranks of his organisation, officers reaching invisibly across the planet to subtly quash the most unshakeable adherence to the God-Emperor. Outraged, he put the skills he'd learned during his time with the cult to use, and unilaterally executed every one of the heretic dogs, leaving behind only the note, "The Emperor reaps what heresy sows." Then he disappeared into the House of Blades, the only people who had known that he was undercover lying dead in their offices.

At some point he began to truly believe in the death cult's deeper philosophies of blood sacrifice to the Emperor. Or perhaps he was so deep undercover, and for so long, that he tricked even himself - which is what he will tell you, if asked. Either way, his assimilation into the cult became complete and he eventually became its most skilled death-adept.

The Inquisition found him, of course, after the file on the murder of the Enforcer officers triggered certain flags and they came investigating. Understanding the full story, the Inquisitional agents revealed themselves to him and offered him a job, which he enthusiastically accepted.

Tai, codename "Reaver", seems to have two personalities: the easygoing smartmouth seen on so many street gangers, and the totally focused professional killer. Whether either of them is his original nature, he can't remember.


Character Name Player Name Career Path Ascended Career Rank Experience Home World Background Package Transition Package
Reaver Tai Mr Adventurer Scum/Cult-stalker Death Cult Assassin 10 17000 Imperial Pleasure World None Baptism of Blood
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Wounds Fate Insanity Corruption
67 32 32 (4) 30 60 (12) 33 35 43 53 17 3 31 13


Acrobatics +20
Awareness +20
Carouse +20
Charm +20
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed, War) (Basic only)
Deceive +20
Disguise +20
Dodge +20
Intimidation +10
Lip Reading
Search +10
Security +20
Sleight of Hand +20
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Basic only)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Stealth Mastery (Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing)
-Skill Specialties: Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing


  • Basic Weapon Training (SP)
  • Cult Briefing (Pleasure cults; Decadence)
  • Disarm
  • Exotic Weapon Training (Neuro-Gauntlet)
  • Hard Target
  • Jaded
  • Leap Up
  • Melee Weapon Expertise
  • Mighty Shot
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Peer (Cult (Death Cult))
  • Pistol Training (SP)
  • Quick Draw
  • Resistance (Fear)
  • Resistance (Poisons)
  • Sound Constitution x5
  • Step Aside
  • Storm of Blows (Ambidextrous, Dual Strike, Lightning Attack, Swift Attack, Two-weapon Wielder (Melee))
  • Total Recall
  • Unremarkable
  • Wall of Steel


  • Blessed Ignorance - -5 to Forbidden Lore Tests
  • Hagiography - Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperium, War) are Basic Skills
  • Liturgical Familiarity - Literacy, Speak Language (High Gothic) are Basic Skills
  • Superior Origins - +3 WP
  • Unnatural Agility (x2) - Agility Bonus 12

Ascended Traits[edit]

  • Preternatural Speed - Use Lightning Attack as a Half Action or when Charging
  • Cult of Blood - Autoconfirm Righteous Fury with melee weapons, add +1 Pen with melee weapons

Combat Stats[edit]

Weapon Name Skill Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Weight Rarity
Blades of the House 77% Melee - - 1d10+10 E 7 - - Balanced, Power Field 3.5 Very Rare
Neuro-Gauntlet 77% Melee - - 1d10+5 R 9 - - Tearing, Toxic, Special 2.5 Extremely Rare
Neural Whip 77% Melee 3m - 1d10+6 R 1 - - Flexible, Shocking 4 Rare
Orthlak Mk IV Autopistol 32% Pistol 30m S/-/6 1d10+6 I 3 12 Full Reliable 2.5 Scarce
Nomad 42% Basic 250m S/-/- 1d10+7 I 3 4 Full Accurate, Reliable 10.5 Very Rare
Mono Combat Knife 77% Melee - - 1d5+8 R 3 - - - 0.8 Average
  • Initiative Bonus: +12
  • Movement: 6/12/18/36
  • Wounds: 17
  • TB: 3
  • Armor: Head 4; Arms, Body, Legs 5
  • Dodge: 80%
  • Parry: 67%, 77% with a Blade of the House



  • "Emperor's Forge" bionic augmentation
    • BQ subskin armour (+2 AP to arms, body, legs), cranial armour (+1 AP to head), muscle grafts (+1 SB) and cranial-implant psy-jammer (+20 vs Psy Powers and +10 vs possession). The Quality improvements go toward making the implants as unobtrusive as possible.
      • After they offered him employment with the Inquisition, the agents of the Ordos arranged for Tai to be strengthened in mind and body.


  • Blades of the House
    • Two Best-Quality Power Swords with the Mono enhancement.
    • Melee, 1d10+6 E, Pen 6, Balanced, Power Field, +10 WS to hit, 3.5kg
      • Legend has it that the House of Blades death cult was set up specifically to honour these swords and see that they were put to good use in the name of the Emperor.
  • Neuro-Gauntlet
    • Best-Quality.
    • 1d10+1 R, Pen 8, Tearing, Toxic (also reduce all Characteristics by half for 1d5 minutes), +10 WS to hit, 2.5kg
      • After Tai's sixth successful assassination for the Holy Ordos, they presented him with this weapon and dramatically stepped up the difficulty of his targets. The craftsmanship is exquisite and the adamantine blades, when retracted, can be hidden under a large pair of heavy forearm gloves or gauntlets.
  • Neural Whip
    • Best-Quality.
    • Range 3m, 1d10+1 R, Pen 0, Flexible, Shocking, +10 WS to hit, 4kg.
      • An electro-whip designed to slice flesh.
  • Combat Monoknife
    • Best-Quality.
    • 1d5+4 R, Pen 2, +10 WS to hit, 0.8kg.
      • A large knife that Tai will always try to have on his person
  • Orthlak Mk IV Autopistol
    • Good-Quality, silencer, red-dot sight, loaded with manstoppers.
    • Pistol, range 30m, S/-/6, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 12, Reload Full, Reliable, 3kg.
      • A well-made heavy machine pistol loaded with armour-piercing rounds; rarely actually used.
  • Nomad Hunting Instrument
    • Holo-visor sight.
    • Basic, Range 250m, S/-/-, 1d10+5 I, Pen 3, Clip 4, Reload Full, Accurate, Reliable, 10.5kg.
      • Part of the payment from one of the clients of the House of Blades. The House is not as strict as the Moritat, with their unhealthy obsession with using only edges to slay - and Tai has a a more pragmatic approach in any case. It is fitted with a holographic dot sight linked to a targeting eyepiece.


  • Night's Cloak
    • Best-Quality Synskin with Cameleoline upgrade.
    • +30 to Concealment Tests; +10 to Silent Move Tests; invisible to infra-red goggles and Dark Sight; if wearer remains stationary he counts as being 1 Range Category further away when shot at.
    • All locations: 3 AP
      • The House of Blades traditionally provides this to its Blademaster on his ascension to the rank.

Other Equipment[edit]

2 BQ Grapnels in wrist mounts GC photo-visor Rebreather + refills Injector + 3 doses of Slaught Micro-bead Badge of office (luminen tattoo on neck, has two activations - one which shows his law enforcement credentials, and a second which shows his affiliation with the Inquisition) BQ Stummers Clip Harness BQ Disguise Kit Multikey Auspex

  • Many different outfits
    • Equipment type
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  • Equipment name
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  • Equipment name
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  • Equipment name
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  • Equipment name
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  • Equipment name
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  • Equipment name
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Experience Spent[edit]

Simple WS (250)
Intermediate WS (500)
Trained WS (750)
Expert WS (1000)
Simple BS (100)
Simple Fel (100)
Intermediate Fel (250)
Trained Fel (500)
Expert Fel (750)
Simple Ag (100)
Intermediate Ag (250)
Trained Ag (500)
Expert Ag (500)
Simple WP (250)
Intermediate WP (500)
Simple Int (250)
Simple Per (250)
Sound Constitution x5 (500)
Tech-Use (200)
Disguise +20 (300)
Dodge +20 (200)
Deceive +20 (200)
Acrobatics +20 (300)
Charm +20 (300)
Lip Reading (100)
Security +20 (300)
Search +10 (200)
Sleight of Hand +20 (300)
Intimidation +10 (200)
Inquiry (100)
Gamble (100)
Carouse +20 (300)
Awareness +20 (200)
Scrutiny (200)
Cult Briefing (Pleasure cults) (400)
Step Aside (200)
Heightened Senses (Sight) (100)
Total Recall (100)
Mighty Shot (200)
Wall of Steel (100)
Jaded (200)
Nerves of Steel (200)
Leap Up (100)
Disarm (200)
Hard Target (100)
Resistance (Poisons) (100)
Quick Draw (100)
Resistance (Fear) (100)
Melee Weapon Expertise (500) (Primitive, Chain, Shock, Power)
Unnatural Agility (x2) (1000)
Storm of Blows (500) (Ambidextrous, Dual Strike, Lightning Attack, Swift Attack, Two-weapon Wielder (Melee))
Stealth Mastery (500) (Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing)
Exotic Weapon Training (Neuro-gauntlet) (500)
Skill Specialties: Concealment, Shadowing, Silent Move (300)
Literacy (200)