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This is a page for Megazver's Megazver World: This Game is Very Megazver

It takes you to the distant world of Megazver, where beautiful Megazvers frolic and scamper in the Megazver fields of Megazver. You play as brave Megazvers, sworn to Megazver Megazver in the face of Megazver. The task is not Megazver, but you are Megazvers, so Megazver Megazver Megazver Megazver Megazver Megazver.


Recruitment Thread

In-Character Thread

Out-Of-Character Thread


Name HP AC Dmg XP Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Notes Up'd
Bob Gimlison the Wizard 16/17 0 d4 2 9 11 15 17 8 13 x
Borin the Fighter 19/25 +3 D10 0 17 8 15 11 13 9
Dwinnel the Paladin 14/23 +3 D10 allergic to 15(+1) 8(-1) 13(+1) 9 (0) 11(0) 17(+2) x
Gorvan the Ranger 15/21 +1 D8 9 11(0) 17(+2) 13(+1) 8(-1) 15(+1) 9(0) x
Vorn the Druid 15/19 0 D6 1 15(+1) 11(0) 13(+1) 9(0) 17(+2) 8(1) 4 xp
Vorn the Druid 15/19 0 D6 1 15(+1) 11(0) 13(+1) 9(0) 17(+2) 8(1) 4 xp
Vorn the Druid 15/19 0 D6 1 15(+1) 11(0) 13(+1) 9(0) 17(+2) 8(1) 4 xp

Nonimportant Bonds Table That You Could Probably Fill In If That Was, Like, Your Thing *[edit]

This Guy's connection to... Bob Borin Dwinnel Gorvan Vorn
Borin x
Dwinnel Bob saved my life once. The next day, he almost killed me by mistake. I watch my step around him. I respect Borin's knowledge of traditional ways. I have much to learn from him. x Gorvan is probably crazy. But I like his donkey. Vorn is cursed with strange, undwarven magic, like me.

Bob Gimlison is a little scary. He likes to make things explode a little too much. Things in the Outdoors aren't made of stone as much, so they're more fragile.

Borin Murtok is a real stone-in-the-other-stone dwarf. He needs to loosen up, and explore this Great New World Out Here. Tradition isn't everything! Dwinnel Keybronze seems lonely out here, and not sure what to do with himself. Also, too hidebound by stricture. I'm sure as I introduce him to great new things from outside, he'll appreciate it. x Vorn Hammerdark gets me! He knows that the Outside World is filled with cool stuff.
Vorn Bob Gimlison is an out of control dwarf with too much aptitude for blowing things up. I will watch him carefully and stop him if I must. Borin Murtok has a wealth of lore, but his age will get him killed. Dwinnel Keybronze is a dwarf to respect. I will let his wisdom guide me. Gorvan Gundalfsson clearly needs my leadership to guide him, even if he doesn't know it yet.

  • You will be fed to bears if you don't