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Darius Hawkmoor aka Spector

Born to a very wealthy Elven family that claims a lineage that goes back to the last age of magic (supposedly) Darius grew up in the lap of luxury. He could have anything he wanted, and promptly did, when the mood suited him. However, he was deathly bored of it all, and defied his parents when he ran off to join the military.

What a wake up call that was. Going from everything to nothing, he had discipline and bearing pounded into his swollen head. After his instructors realized that morality wasn't part of his personality, he was shipped to Special Operations.

However, he was never really able to shake his authority issues, and when a brawl with a squad mate resulted in the death of the officer that tried breaking it up, he grabbed whatever gear he could get his hands on and ran like hell.

Currently wanted by the C.A.S. for murder, desertion, theft and conduct unbecoming along with a slew of minor charges.

Unable to sleep without a bottle of wine. Dreams of hitting the big time and returning to the wealth he gave up. Believes that you never betray a friend (unless they betray you first), never betray the customer (unless they betray you first), never kill anyone that isn't paid for, and always get half upfront.

Metatype (30 BP): Elf

Attributes (200 BP) Body: 4 Agility: 7 Reaction: 6 Strength: 6 Charisma: 4 Intuition: 3 Logic: 4 Willpower: 3 Edge: 2 Initiative: 9 IP 3 Essence: .9

Negative Qualities (+30 BP) SINner (Criminal) Addiction (Moderate) Spirit Bane

Active Skills (142 BP)

Blades 3 Automatics 3 Longarms 4 (+2 Sniper Rifles) Pistols 4 Stealth 3 First Aid 3 Etiquette 3 (+2 High Society) Armorer 2 Dodge 3 Pilot Ground Craft 2

Knowledge Skills (21 Free)

Military 4 Security Procedures 4 History 4 Literature 3 Wines 3


English N Sperethiel

Contacts (5 BP)

TBA (Connections 2 / Loyalty 3 Fixer)

Equipment (43 BP )


Survival Knife

Ares Predator IV Smartgun System Silencer 4 Extra Clips 100 rounds of Stick-n-Shock 100 rounds of Explosive Rounds

HK XM30 Smartgun System Shock Pad Sound Suppressor 4 Spare Clips 100 rounds of EX Explosive Rounds Underslung Grenade Launcher Airburst Link 8 High Explosive Grenades

Walther MA-2100 Shock Pad Smartgun System (External) Silencer 4 Spare Clips 100 rounds of APDS Rounds 100 rounds of Stick-n-Shock


Armor Vest

Chameleon Suit


Dermal Plating Rating 2 Alpha Grade

Wired Reflexes II Alpha Grade

Muscle Replacement Rating 2 Alpha Grade

Cyber Eyes Rating 2 Flare Compensation Low-light Vision Protective Covers Thermographic Vision SmartLink

Odds and Ends

2 sets of Durable Clothing DocWagon Platinum (1 year contract) Novatech Airware (Comm) Supvocal Microphone Sim Module Modified for BTL/HS Fake SIN (Rate 2, in the name of Alexander Mienos) Certified Cred Stick (In the name of Alexander Mienos) Mercury Comet Medium Lifestyle (3 months)