"The Yardie" Quincey Cornell

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The Yardie is the current PrizeFighters Champion and carries the gold with the same pride that he has for almost everything else he is and does. He proud of his Jamaican heritage, he is proud of his physique, and he is proud of the promotion that he is at the head of. He cannot envision a version of Prizefighters without him at the helm and will do whatever he has to in order to make sure that he stays there.

To Mickey Church Quincey Cornell is little more than a pawn. He is far from clever, and as such is easily manipulated. Mickey uses him as a blunt object to keep the promotion moving in the direction he wants it to. Quincey is given the illusion of control over the roster, while in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

The Yardie is a big guy, and he knows it. At 6'2, 250lbs, he might not be the tallest man on the roster, but he's strong enough to throw down with them. Quincey wears his hair in hightop dreads, and walks to the ring in a leather jacket over his forest camo wrestling tights. He is rarely seen outside the ring without a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses. He removes the jacket and shades before his bouts, flexing and taunting from the corner until the bell rings.

The Entrance[edit]

The Yardie's entrance is loud and flashy, just like he is. Skindred's Ruling Force plays as he walks to the ring, shouting taunts and insults at his opponent while green and gold spotlights spin across the crowd. For big shows pyros burst as he enters, cementing him as a big deal within the promotion.

Between the Ropes[edit]

Cornell's in-ring style is very physical. He likes to use Irish whips to keep his opponents moving, allowing him to use their momentum to maximise his damage. He likes to use dropkicks, big boots, and lariats against his running opponents, while he prefers sentons and body avalanches into the turnbuckles.

As the match reaches its climax The Yardie has been known to utilise pop-up powerbombs and flapjacks to soften up his opponents for his finisher. To end his opponents, Quincey Cornell lifts them into a torture rack, pulling it tight for a few seconds to punish them for questioning his authority, before swinging them round and dropping them into a backbreaker]. He calls this combination the Dead End, and can perform it surprisingly deftly, often catching high-flying opponents in the move as they attempt to perform splashes.

When Quincey feels threatened he is quick to seek to swing the match in his favour. He doesn't mind striking the ref from behind, or paying another wrestler to distract officials. While the ref's back is turned, or while they're on their back, he loves using chair shots or using metal bars to lay his opponents out. He has also, on more than one occasion, removed the foam padding from the ring floor in order to set up a truly devastating pop-up flapjack.