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€¥gusa, also known as Eygusa, is an odd Waymet by usual standards. Found on a obscure off branch of the jeweled road it has a few oddities that make it worth noting.

The Caravansa[edit]

Its primary service as a waymet is that it has a resting area for beasts next to a wide flowing river of clean water. There are numerous beaches close to the river for travelers. A long and wide greensward is good for pitching tents. While there are no assigned camping spaces there are over 70 reasonably clearly defined camping Ares of various sizes.

Wagnot Bluefoot is the hobbit manager of the Caravans and collects camp costs.

  • Cost is a 1oz copper coin per animal from pack dogs to warhorses.

Cats and birds are not charged.

People unwilling to pay the price may camp on the dirt caravans a space.

The Long Hall[edit]

There is one Main building. It is a long single story great hall with something of a Viking design. Much of the hall is open for visitors. Nearby buildings are support, storage, craft and workshops. A small village is about a mile inward that is for locals.

Common Hall[edit]

  • Two thirds of the long hall is open for guests.
  • There are movable tables
  • Guests are allowed to sleep in the twenty feet from each wall.
  • Cleanliness is requested and a knack of the staff is that they can cast Area Cleanliness. They do so free of charge.

East Den[edit]

  • A third of the Main hall at the eastern end is sectioned off by the proprietors. It is called East Den
    • Gift Shop: Part of East Den is a merchant area something like a tourist attraction/gift shop.It is stocked with trade goods from across shadow traded by Jeweled Road travelers. Much of it touristy items. Baubleheads of Enubis sits next to t-shirts from the Hard Rock Cafe Hawaii. The merchandise changes often as one might guess.
    • Diner: Part is food sales much like a diner. Sandwiches, pasta dishes, drinks, fried foods. The only staple is various preparations of locally grown mushrooms: fresh, fried, boiled, pickled. Out behind the hall, fading into its forest are vast growths of mushroom.
    • Adventure's Nook:Part of the merchant area is adventurer supplies: rope, stakes, oil, tool, bedrolls. Much of this equipment is used. Clothes, cloaks of good quality are found here. The staff not only sells gear but buy back gear from adventurers who decide to give up the life.

Pack animals are available. These include mules, donkies, ponies, and draft horses.


While employees and residents are of many races the main family running the Waymet is the Bluefoot kindred of Hobbits. Miles inland is a large region inhabited by families of hobbits. Hobbits, halflings, gandlees, boggies, and other races of similar stature seem to congregate in this obscure region of shadow and work out of the waymet. They produce most of the food and much of the handicrafts.

Paths to Adventure[edit]

€¥gusa is in a region of the Stone of Skulls worlds. There are a dozen known paths leading to rich adventuring grounds. As such the staff know many of the routes. They copy maps sold to them by adventurers. The quality and reliability of these maps are guaranteed by the proprietors.