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Reloading: All firearms of this period were muzzle-loaders which took a considerable amount of time to reload. It takes five turns to reload a sidearm, seven turns to reload a smoothbore longarm and twelve turns to reload a rifled longarm. Reloading times are 50% longer in the case of untrained use of the Firearms skill.

Ammunition: Black powder weapons use extremely large calibre round lead bullets. As a general rule, musket balls are the largest and won't fit in a pistol or rifled weapon. Rifled weapons use the same ammunition as pistols.

Skill usage: Sidearms and Longarms use Dexterity + Firearms. Propelled and Thrown weapons use Dexterity + Athletics.

Defense: Against attacks using Firearms, characters have Defense 0 (you can't dodge bullets without magic). Against attacks using Athletics, Defense applies as normal.

Weapon traits: The weapons listed below come with a number of traits that are additional to those in the core nWoD system.

Armour Piercing: Weapons with the AP trait are designed to punch through or ignore armour with greater efficiency than normal. Any hit with an AP weapon reduces the damage reduction from the target's physical armour by an amount equal to the AP trait. AP from different sources stack together.

Cavalry Carbine: This Longarm suffers no penalty when used from horseback.



Type                Damage    Range    Special
Small pistol         1L     10/20/40   AP1
Pistol               2L     15/30/60   AP1
Blunderbuss pistol   2L     5/10/20    9-Again

Pistols function as batons if used as a melee weapon.
Adding "scratch rifling" to a pistol makes it more accurate, though is considered ungentlemanly if brought to a duel. Scratch rifling increases the range by 50%. However, it also increases loading time by one turn.


Type                Damage    Range      Special
Carbine              2L      20/40/80    AP1, Cavalry Carbine
Rifled carbine       2L      75/150/300  AP1, Cavalry Carbine, 9-Again on Aim
Musket               2L      30/60/120   AP1
Long rifle           2L     125/250/500  AP1, 9-Again on Aim
Blunderbuss          2L      10/20/40    9-Again

All Longarms require two hands to use accurately. Firing a Longarm one-handed incurs a -2 dice penalty. Attempting to fire a Longarm from horseback incurs a -2 dice penalty.
Longarms function as clubs if used as a melee weapon (without fixing a bayonet). Carbines are not generally designed to take a bayonet.

Propelled Weapons

Type       Damage  Range      Special
Atlatl      2L     Thrownx5  
Blowgun     0L     Thrownx2  
Bolas       0B     Thrown     Entangling
Bow†        1L     30/60/120
Sling†      1L     Thrownx3   Range increases to Thrownx5 if using bullets rather than stones

†Requires two hands.

Thrown Weapons

Type          Damage  Range   Size  Special
Dart           0L     Aero     1   
Javelin        2L     Aero     2    
Throwing axe   2L     Thrown   2    Can opt to do Bashing instead
Throwing knife 1L     Aero     1  

Melee Weapons

Type                 Damage  Special
Baton                 1B     
Cavalry Lance         3L      9-Again on the charge, only usable on horseback
Club or Staff         2B      
Fixed bayonet†        1L
Gunstock club         2L
Halberd†              3L      Minimum Str 3
Hand Axe              2L
Knife                 1L      
Sledgehammer†         3B      Minimum Str 3
Spear†                2L      
Sword                 2L      
Woodcutter's axe†     3L      Minimum Str 3

†Requires two hands; if used one-handed, the Strength requirement increases by one.

Armour and Shields[edit]

Armour and shields have fallen out of favour in this period; neither is particularly effective against bullets or cannonballs. However, they do remain in use in certain locales and by certain peoples.


Type                   Rating   Defense   
Infantry armour           1       -1      
Heavy cavalry armour      2       -2      

Both types of armour are extremely rare in this period, worn only by certain types of elite and/or ceremonial troops.


Shields act as one point of cover. Given the AP quality on firearms, they provide no protection against bullets, but do function against other ranged weapons and Brawl/Weaponry attacks. Some native tribes use shields, and the buckler is still sometimes used in combat.


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