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Combat Regimens replace Fighting Style Merits in their entirety.

Combat Regimen (●● to ●●●●●)

Effect: At ●●, this Merit grants a character a single choice from the list of Combat Regimen talents below. For each additional ●, one additional Combat Regimen may be chosen. Dots in the Combat Regimen Merit cannot be taken without appropriate access to training and technique teachers, or appropriate combat experience.

Advance & Fire: The character may fire when running, suffering a -3 penalty to their attack roll for doing so.
Agility: The character can ignore terrain penalties on their movement of an amount up to their dots in Dexterity; so a character with Dexterity 4 could ignore up to -4 in penalties. Ladders, crates, low walls and so forth are easy for this character to handle. Their speed is also increased by 1.
Ambush: When attacking an opponent who is not aware of the character, they add a +2 bonus to their attack pool. Perception rolls made to hear the character attacking suffer a -2 penalty.
Bodyguard: The character can choose to serve as cover for allies when they are between the ally and attacker or are adjacent to that ally, inflicting a -1 cover penalty on attacks against that character. This increases to -2 if the ally is willing to allow the bodyguard to drop them prone and shield the ally with their whole body.
Close Order Drill: As long as the character is armed with a bayonet or spear, and is adjacent to at least two other allies with bayonets or spears, the character gains a +1 bonus to melee dice pools and +1 Defence.
Dragoon: The character suffers no penalties from firing from horseback while moving.
Main Gauche: When wielding two melee weapons, the character may choose a single opponent each round, gaining an additional +1 to Defence against that character.
Marksman: When aiming with a rifled weapon, the character benefits from the 8-again rule.
Open Hand: When armed with a single-handed weapon and the other hand free, a character gains an additional +1 bonus to grapple checks with the Brawl skill and an additional +1 Defence against attempts to grapple them.
Parry: The character may ignore penalties to their Defence caused by multiple melee attackers.
Resilient: The character benefits from an additional point of Armour against all Bashing attacks.
Riposte: When undertaking the Dodge action, the character may reflexively make a melee attack against any enemy who attacks but misses them. A riposte may be made only once per turn.
Smash: Whenever the character spends a point of Willpower to increase a melee attack pool, he may choose to knock the target prone if he hits.
Weapon Drill: The character reduces the reload time of pistols and muskets by 2 rounds.

The following Combat Regimens are elements of the Adamant Hand technique and can only be chosen by Awakened of the Adamantine Arrow.

Thunder: The character reduces the penalties inflicted against them by another character's Shielding spell by 1.
Diamond: The character may improve the strength of a Shielding spell against a single enemy by 1 for a turn, but reduce the penalty inflicted against other enemies by 1 during that time.
Star: The character may spend a Willpower point to both cast a spell and perform a physical action in the same turn.
Blood: The character may choose to take Aggravated damage to increase their spell dice pools for one turn, adding 1 die per point of Agg damage taken.
Abyss: The character may spend a Willpower point to suffer no Paradox on a spell delivered through a grapple.

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