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Name: Jacob/Otetiani
Age: 20
Concept: Mixed race Iroquois tracker and warrior
Virtue: Justice Vice: Wrath
Heritage Path/Dynasty: Thyrsus/Adamantine Arrow
Experience: 2XP unspent


Int:●● Str:●●●● Pre:●●
Wits:●●●● Dex:●●●● Man:●
Res:●● Sta:●●●● Com:●●●●


Mental: Medicine ●● Occult ●●● (Spirits)

Physical: Athletics ●●●● (Archery) Brawling ●●● (Grappling) Stealth ●●● Survival ●●● (Navigation) Weaponry ●●● (Axes)

Social: Empathy ●● Intimidation ●● Socialise ●●


Combat Regimens (●●●●●) [Agility, Main Gauche, Open Hand, Parry]
Contacts [Arrow] (●●●) (English Colonial Militia, Iroquois Confederacy, Iroquois Consilium)
Iron Stamina (●)
Languages (●●) (English, French, native language is Onondaga-Iroquoian)
Proximus (●)
Quick Draw (Melee) (●)
Sleepwalker (●●●●)
Status [Arrow] (●) (Albany & New York Consilium - Recognised Proximus)
Status [Arrow] (●) (Iroquois Consilium - Recognised Proximus)


Unseen Shield (Spirit ●●) [Stamina + Occult]
Second Sight (Spirit ●) [Wits + Occult]
Spirit Tongue (Spirit ●) [Presence + Socialise]
Nightsight (Forces ●) [Wits + Composure]
Perfect Timing (Time ●) [Intelligence + Composure]
Self-Healing (Life ●●) [Dexterity + Medicine]

Mana: 7

Protective Spells:

Unseen Shield - Armour 2 vs physical attacks and those from ephemeral entities.


Willpower: 6
Wisdom: 7
Health: 9
Initiative: +8
Perception: 8
Defence: 4
Speed: 14

Nimbus: A forest scene, the impression of the trunks of a few trees amongst which morning mist rises. Intermittently, arrows flit through the mist parting and stirring it in strange patterns.


  • Born to Serve

Notable Equipment

  • Cheap telescope



  • Jacob/Otetiani ("He Who is Prepared") is a mixed race Onondaga Iroquois. Ie he has a range of ethniticies from his parents, but considers himself Iroquois (his mother is Iroquois and they trace their heritage matrilineal-y). Jacob is what he tells Europeans his name is, he doesn't share his "real" name (only Sophie knows it of the PCs).
  • Those parental ethnicities are Scots-Irish and Onondaga from his mother, and French and Caribbean/West African from his father.
  • His Scots-Irish grandfather is your stereotypical grizzled old pioneer, he might be still alive, he might not - up to you. He fought in the previous war. His native grandmother is still around.
  • His half-Iroquois mother is a clan mother, one of the electors in the tribe and a politically connected and powerful woman in her own right.
  • His mulatto French father is a mercenary, both charismatic and driven by his passions but also totally amoral, in other words a Magnificent Bastard (in the vein of Marshal Rangard and Richard Masson).
  • He has no siblings (his younger sister died in infancy), but has a host of cousins (those on his mother's side are called "brother" and "sister" in the native style).
  • His mystical nature first began to manifest when he was a boy, he would see things that weren't there (actually spirits in a state of Twilight).


  • When he was 14 he responded to the call amongst the Confederacy to aid the British in their struggle against the French (and the Iroquois traditional enemies).
  • Served as a scout and pathfinder for a ranger-designated provincial militia, David Robinson's Rangers.
  • Distantly related to Captain Robinson's family via his grandfather.
  • Took part in an ill-fated expedition to seize Fort Saint-Frédéric from the French.
  • His unit saved the survivors of Dowling's unit after they were betrayed by their own scouts. It was during this battle than Dowling Awakened.


  • He had a mentor, Sooleawa ("Silver" in her native Algonquian) a shaman whom he called "grandmother" (she was more accurately a great aunt) who was a Thrysus Arrow.
  • Some time shortly after her Awakening, he stumbled upon Sophie in the wilderness and rescued her from some Huron braves who were intending to take her captive. Sophie then spent a couple of months recuperating in his village and was adoped into the tribe and received some initial instruction from the shaman mentor.
  • Sooleawa was murdered by a spirit manipulated by a European mage.
  • He's on a vengeance trail to find the mage who killed his mentor.

XP Log

  • 10/1/13: Added Iron Stamina 1 (2XP)
  • 17/1/13: Added Quick Draw (Melee) (2XP)
  • 7/2/13: Added Self-Healing (12XP)

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