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Albany & New York Consilium[edit]

Manticore's Seal, Albany

Brandaen (William van Rensselaer) - Obrimos/Silver Ladder/Tamer of Fire - leader of the Seal and the Silver Ladder Councillor, though he leaves a lot of the Council business to the Provost, Megiddo. Bad blood between him and the Hierarch. Also Coruscant's mentor.

Jäger - Acanthus/Adamantine Arrow/Daoine - a huntress who doesn't stand on ceremony (or formal manners).

Chiaroscuro - Mastigos/Silver Ladder/Clavicularius - ambitious, well-connected and the person who gets things done in the cabal.

Skull (Harold Londontown) - Moros/Adamantine Arrow/Tamers of the Stone - a sleazy sort who is a supplier to the British regulars.

Reynard - Thyrsus/Adamantine Arrow - a better tracker and trapper than he is a mage.

Areopagitica, currently New York City

Helios - ?/Silver Ladder/? - has a printing press used by the Silver Ladder, and by the Guardians of the Veil (mostly for Labyrinth purposes).

The Beneficient Society of St. Michael, Palatine Town and Stone Arabia

Venator - Thyrsus/Adamantine Arrow - the leader of the Beneficient Society of St Michael, Arrow Councillor and Adamant Sage of the Consilium. Said (by Aura) to still retain loyalty to the previous Hierarch Cataphract.

Aura - ?/Adamantine Arrow - The Arrow Provost. Quiet mutineer.

Rattlesnake - ?/Adamantine Arrow - Survivor of the Shadow Compact

The Broken Chain, mostly New York City

Crucible - Mastigos/Guardians of the Veil/Clavicularius - black woman who Awakened on a slave ship.

The Eye Over The Pine Plains, Schenectady

Glyph - ?/Mysterium?/? - Survivor of the Shadow Compact

Whisper - Thyrsus/?/? - Expert on spirits and other levels of existence (more versed in the wider world than the urban-focused Vigil).

The Half Moon Disciples, New York City

Lazarus - Moros/Silver Ladder/Celestial Cartographer - the Hierarch.

Minotaur - Acanthus/Guardians of the Veil - the Guardian Provost. Expert on portals and space magics.

Hamadryad - Thrysus?/Silver Ladder/Tamers of Rivers - the Herald. Speaks with a slight stutter (affected, but so far only Jacob knows it isn't genuine).

Orichalcum - Moros/Silver Ladder/Uncrowned Kings - Calm and self-possessed woman. Specialist on stones, metals etc, alchemy.

Effervescent - ?/Guardians of the Veil - Married to a Sleeper judge who owns a boarding house in New York.

The Lunargent Temple, New York City

Saeftinghe - ?/Mysterium - the Mysterium Councillor

Megiddo - Moros/Silver Ladder/Tamers of the Stone - Silver Ladder Provost. Specialist in architecture. Also Mason's mentor.

Vigil - Thyrsus/?/? - expert in spirit exorcism (more city-focussed than Whisper).

The Yellow Talons, Red Hook

Mara - ?/Guardians of the Veil - the Guardian Councillor

Ysengrim - Mastigos/Guardians of the Veil/Clavicularius - Also Caprice's mentor.

Verminus - Mastigos/Guardians of the Veil/Bearers of the Eternal Voice - The Interfector.

Iroquois Consilium[edit]


(3 mages - 1 Tamer)


(1 mage - Tamer)


(5 mages - 1 Tamer)


Thunderhawk - Acanthus/Adamantine Arrow/Storm Keeper - the de facto leader and Adamant Sage of the Iroquois Consilium.

(+5 others - 3 are Tamers)


Raven - Acanthus/Mysterium/Tamer of Winds - a powerful mage and sole member of the Seneca cabal.


Others in Albany[edit]


Mirror (Doctor Marcus Dunwich) - A Seer of the Throne with a "flowing, broken mirror" shaped spirit familiar in tow. Physician in Heiderberg.

"Mr Chapman" aka The Tall Man - One of Haskallah's business contacts. Gangly over-jointed person, one of five former mages who used to be human but made certain pacts changing him. Reputedly friendlier than the Thin Man.

?? - A shadow mage who scries and spies on the Beacon through his/her own detached shadow. May be hiding in Albany or somewhere else.


Richard Van Santvert - Property official and an alderman of Albany's administration. Temporarily Albany's mayor.

Robert Sanders - Albany's mayor-elect who hasn't yet taken up his post.

Major Tobias Solomon - Commandant of the British regular garrison at Fort Frederick, Albany.

Lieutenant James Cooper - An officer in the Albany garrison and a friend of Loquitor's from his prior military service. Regular at the Green Jacket inn.

Stephen van Rensselaer - The patroon and local lord, also Colonel of the Albany provincial militia regiment.

Alexander Drummond - A Scottish neighbour of the cabal in Heiderberg, a businessman with interests in lumber and a whole lot of land acquired outside town.

Jack Sorkin - A metalworker.

Mrs Nightingale - A weaver.

Harry Brecon - A fixer who has criminal contacts.

Obadiah Carrington - A preacher.

James Salton - An employee of Mr Drummond.

Others in New York[edit]

Barghest - Thyrsus of the Tides Lost Children cabal of the Atlantic Consilium, captain of the ship Ghost Wake.

Alfred Silverneck - Sleeper Proprietor of the Silverneck Theatre. Recipient of the horse bridle; previous owner of the "magical cube stone".

?? - the Ghostwalker porter of Effervescent's mage lodgings.


Haskallah (Marcus Van Der Broek) - Moros/Nefandi - Collector and dealer in curia magical and mundane in Albany, killed in King's Landing. Previous owner of the Hermium Beacon's sanctum, Farrier's House.

Jack and Henrietta: Farmhouse couple in Albany, murdered then half-remade by Fate fungus. Killed by the Hermium Beacon.

Cataphract - ?/Adamantine Arrow - Former Hierarch, presumed dead (lost at sea).

?? (Sooleawa) - Thyrsus/Adamantine Arrow/Tamers of Rivers. Onondaga mage, Hamadryad's Legacy mentor. Jacob's mentor and briefly, Caprice's first mentor. Killed by a spirit apparently controlled by a white mage.

Jonas Blackwater - a half-Iroquois murderer hanged and turned into a revenant, out to kill selected pairs of white people in Albany to satisfy what he perceives as "the spirits of our future". Currently without a body and held in Mason's Soul Jar.

The Shadow Compact - NY Diamond cabal in Albany, disbanded after most members were killed during the last war. Surviving members Glyph and Rattlesnake left to join other cabals.

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