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Podcast listing[edit]

Here are the direct links to the audio files, with summaries taken from the podcast site.

Episode 1 - In which the year is 1750, and the place is the British colony of New York; four new Awakened and one veteran Proximus are brought together, and the seed of a Cabal is born; and a task is set and a journey begun, to find the truth of the Nefandi Haskallah’s death and to usurp his once-domain in Albany.

Episode 2 – Part 1 - In which the Cabal leave King’s Landing in all haste, and are welcomed to Albany by a most unexpected mirror image; the master of the Manticore Seal is met; and in the domain of Haskallah, things are very much awry.

Episode 2 – Part 2 - In which the Cabal lay claim to what was once Haskallah’s, inheriting a strange burden of troubles; the world of Sleepers impinges itself into the Cabal’s preparations; and the hospitality of the Manticore Seal offers an opportunity to learn more of their new neighbours – a devoted, dutiful band under the leonine oversight of a burned-out old once-hero.

Episode 3 – Part 1 - In which Chiaroscuro introduces the Cabal to matters of formality and Right, and the Hermium Beacon takes shape; preparation of the Sanctum continues as the Cabal root out more of Haskallah’s secrets; and old ghosts are let loose, old echoes brought to light.

Episode 3 – Part 2 - In which a visitor waxes wroth when Old Laws are broken; the Hermium Beacon find themselves labouring under a curse; and a trip to New York City is on the cards as Haskallah’s old deals entangle the Cabal.

Episode 4 – Part 1 - In which the Cabal use their lucky windfall of wealth to go shopping in New York; Provosts are met and reports delivered, the Cabal’s investigation complete; and the Hermium Beacon gets a worrying hint of the cracks in the Consilium’s foundations, as rumours of murder, power plays and mutiny between Cabals and Orders drift on the wind.

Episode 4 – Part 2 - In which the Hermium Beacon set about on the hunt for the strange, Fate-bound fungus that has broken free from Haskallah’s careful captivity; Caprice practices her Scrying as the Cabal close in on their target; and the Beacon must make a heavy choice when they find out the truth of what the fungus is, and what it does.

Episode 5 – Part 1 - In which the Cabal, burdened by their actions, set about expunging the rest of the encroaching infestation; a spirit speaks in the tongue of fear; and there’s dark work afoot in the graveyard, a symbol of sinister sorceries being enacted in Albany.

Episode 5 – Part 2 - In which the four Awakened meet Hamadryad once more and officially become the Hermium Beacon; oaths are sworn; Hamadryad has a word of advice for Jacob; and the keys to the castle are in their hand at last, a Sanctum to call their own.

Episode 6 - Part 1 - In which two gentlemen meet; the peace of Heiderberg is shattered once more; an enemy seems to try and build bridges despite the tension and mistrust; and strange, bloody glyphs hint at a weird tale indeed.

Episode 6 - Part 2 - In which the search for Jonah Blackwater leads the Cabal to Fox Creek; a passing shadow proves the attention of a malign sorcerer; and Jacob is faced with a bizarre and sinister claim when the Beacon face down with a wayward soul.

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