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The Hermium Beacon was formally adopted into the Albany & New York Consilium in the spring of 1750, the swearing-in witnessed by Hamadryad, the Herald and Chiaroscuro of the Manticore's Seal. The ceremony took place in the Albany sanctum of the Seal, where the cabal were enjoying the Right of Hospitality, while their own sanctum was in the process of being purchased and prepared.

All members of the cabal were present, they being:

  • Caprice - Mastigos/Guardians of the Veil
  • Coruscant - Obrimos/Silver Ladder
  • Loquitor - Acanthus/Adamantine Arrow
  • Mason - Moros/Silver Ladder

In addition, the Proximus Jacob (Twilight Guardian Dynasty) was also present.

The Hermium Beacon's Oaths, Great Rights and Protocols[edit]

Great Rights

Right of Crossing: Yes. Amendments:

  • Weapons must be sheathed or peace-tied.
  • No vulgar magic without permission from the Cabal.

Right of Hospitality: Yes. Amendments:

  • Guests must check in weapons at the door.

Right of Emeritus: Yes.

Right of Sanctuary: Yes.

Right of Nemesis: Yes. Amendments:

  • Mages pursuing the Right of Nemesis on Cabal territory must do so solely in the form of a Duel Arcane, which must not be a duel to the death.
  • The Cabal themselves will not engage in Duels Arcane to the death.

Cabal Responsibilities

Doorwarden: Loquitor.

Edgetender: Coruscant.

Farseeker: Not appointed.†

Hearthmaster: Mason.

Lorekeeper: Caprice.

†In the absence of a Farseeker, this responsibility is technically shared by all four Cabal members. In practice, these tasks are largely undertaken by the Proximus, Jacob.

Oaths Sworn

Cabal Oath (as sworn by the four mages, Caprice, Coruscant, Loquitor and Mason):

As members of the Hermium Beacon, we shall work seeking to perfect ourselves and through that, others. To grow into a shining beacon of perfection.

Loquitor's addendum: To protect the Cabal.

Mason's addendum: To build something to represent the Cabal.

Proximus's Oath (as sworn by Jacob): To support the work of the Hermium Beacon, to protect its members and to act as a bridge between the New York and Iroquois Consilia.

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