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There are five main courts operating in the frontier region of the province of New York.

The Black Court

A circus of emotion-spirits; fear, confusion, passions, hatred and others. Also concerned with borders and transitions.

The Black Man - A figure from folklore and superstition often associated with witchcraft, Satan or The Outsider.

Branches Crimson and Twisted

Bloody, primal nature spirits. They respect strength and appropriate obeisance.

Red Roots Tangled - Doesn't care for man-made things. At war with Bone White Claws of Steel.

The Thresh

A court with strange rules, even for spirits. They like complicated compacts and contracts that allow them to claim your soul.

Bone White Claws of Steel - Born of colonisation, the spirit of taming the land, harvesting and industry


The Awakener - A spirit of zeal and religiousity, created by the Christian revitalisation of recent years.

The Glorious Mask of Silver - A creation of artifice and industry, with a brood of craft spirits. Also covers conceptual concerns like material, greed, lies, wealth. Resident in/around Albany.

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