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Since the times after the Fall, the Awakened have always been able to find uses for Sleepwalkers, those mortals not subject to Quiescence or threatening their works with Disbelief. The Proximi bloodlines offering a measure of innate magical power brought greater utility still. The Twilight Guardians are not one single bloodline, but several sharing similar characteristics fostered by the Adamantine Arrow wherever they were found. Some speculate that they may have once been an Adamantine Dynasty in ancient Atlantis serving the Ungula Draconis, rediscovered when the Awakened scattered into the Fallen World. Any evidence of those origins is now lost.

In the world after the Fall, protectors arose amongst the people, tribal champions and defenders against roving spirits. Able to see and interact with these Twilight entities, they were also empowered to drive them off if need be. Drawing upon the gross side of the Primal Wild, they are also in rugged health, able to shrug off physical hardships and recover rapidly from injuries made inevitable by their dangerous calling. Their gifts often first manifest in childhood leading to them being inducted into the Dynasty. Training in combat, stealth, survival and occult lore are their stock in trade. A fully-trained Guardian should be ready to stand beside an Arrow in defending cabal or community from mortal or spiritual threats.

Heritage Path: Thyrsus

Nickname: Gauntlets, Spirit Talons.

Appearance: While Twilight Guardians come from a range of different ethnic backgrounds, they often have a wildness about them. That might be thick, unmanageable hair, unusual eye colours like amber or violet, a predatory grace in how they move or just a primal sense of intensity and vitality. They tend towards athletic muscularity, a trait honed by training.

Blessings: Forces - Nightsight (●), Kinetic Blow (●●)
Life - Cleanse the Body (●), Forgo Rest (●), Sense Life (●), Body Control (●●), Puissant Skill (●●), Self-Healing (●●), Self Purging (●●)
Spirit - Exorcist's Eye (●), Second Sight (●), Spirit Tongue (●), Ephemeral Shield (●●), Gossamer Touch (●●), Peer Across the Gauntlet (●●), Reaching (●●●)
Time - Perfect Timing (●), Acceleration (●●●)

Curse: In their history, oaths were sworn binding them to the Adamant Way and placing them within their command structure. Twilight Guardians must obey any legitimate order issued by a recognised Adamant Sage, Banner Warden or a Consilium's Sentinel or Provost, in that order of precedence, though they retain a degree of autonomy in how to interpret that order. This includes anything that might be construed as suicidal (though not direct orders to kill themselves). It is by design that their loyalty is to the Adamantine Arrow first, and the military or judicial authorities of a Consilium second.

Oblations: Intense exercise, acts of purification, swearing of oaths, training with others, ritual maintenance of weapons.

Character Concepts: Tribal champion, Cabal sentry, pathfinder, Hallows guard.

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