3/6: Dracula and the Vampires of Osiris

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Game: Dracula and the Vampires of Osiris GM: @John D

Cast: 3-6 Players System: Simple custom diceless


London, England, 1971. The hippies say we are entering the Age of Aquarius, but some say it is more like an Age of Dark Aquarius. They think there’s something dark, secret and sinister about this new age. Your employer, the wealthy, eccentric, American, Mrs. Evelyn Flaumel is one of those. You are employed as freelance specialists by an investigative agency in London called Department F. A private agency formed by Mrs. Flaumel to investigate strange cases in London that are too baffling for the minds of the police.

You are Department F, the solvers of impossible crimes, and maybe the last bulwark against the coming Age of Dark Aquarius.


Dracula is real? You want to laugh when the client says this but she is deathly earnest. Not only is he real but he has risen from the grave to wreak terror on London again. The clues point to Dracula taking an unhealthy interest in the British Museum, which is currently preparing for the arrival of the travelling Tutankhamen exhibition. The whole of London is eager for this exhibition to open. It’s going to be popular. The client is desperate for Department F to discover what evil plans Dracula has and stop them before it’s too late.

Dracula can’t actually be real, can he? Mrs. Flaumel apparently believes so as she has personally approved you to investigate further. Better stock up on the garlic.

NOTE: This game was originally run at ACUS 2022.


This game is in my Dark Aquarius series of games I've run at the virtual ACUS and ACNW cons. Zero knowledge of the other games is required and new players are welcome. Character gen guidelines will be sent out before the con.

The game will be run over Zoom.

When: Slot 3 - Thursday 7pm to midnight.

Running Sheet Arty Fulks[edit]