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4-F for Freedom[edit]


All of you are heroes. Granted mysterious powers through various means including super soldier formula, magic rings, mystical ceremonies, dark experiments, curses, or even the natural inborn abilities of your subterranean or aquatic people. Or maybe you are just really well trained, one of the best athlets in the world!

But there is a catch and all of you were all rejected by the various Militaries of America for some reason. Maybe you’re a dame and the Army don’t need women on the first line, or you were too short and skinny or too young or too old, or maybe your of the wrong “Race” (Japanese and Germans especially). You could have had a disability that disqualified you or maybe you’re serving time in prison for something bad. Whatever the reason you originally got a 4-F (from wiki “a registrant must have been found not qualified for service in the Armed Forces by a Military Entrance Processing Station ‘MEPS’ under the established physical, mental, or moral standards. The standards of physical fitness that would be used in a future draft would come from AR 40-501.”)

The military rejected you and this could have had a major impact on your life but now something has changed and you have powers and the Government (not the Military though) wants you. You are to join a team of ‘specials’ semi-secret group who will be working for the civilian government to oppose the enemies of freedom on the Homefront (or at least not on the main battle field). But don’t think what you are going to be any less important. In fact it might even be more important. Hitler and Tojo have dispatched special teams around the world and into the allied lands on various mission. Some seeking ancient places and items of power, other as saboteurs and assassins. Dark cultists of long forgotten gods are working behind the scenes to take advantage of the carnage of war to bring about the end of the world. Monsters that have been asleep on the ocean floor for millennium have been awakened by underwater bombing. Unknown armies of the Inner Earth have chosen now to mobilize their return to the world of sunlight. Criminals and war profiteers are costing the government resources that would be better spent not only on the war but on those left behind in the states.

All of these crises and more threaten the Homefront and only one team can deal with it, the 4-F for Freedom team!!!

This is the wiki for my RPG.net M&M 3rd ed. WW2 Homefront Superheroes Game.

The Heroes[edit]

Roberta Rasmussen, aka Permafrost played by t@nya

Doctor Morphia, aka Cari Santee played by Apostlyte

Rockette is Rosalind Hathaway played by Stormraven

Hanabi "Hannah" Okamura, AKA Skyrocket. [played by GaoGaiGar

Radium Girl, aka Jana Lund played by Unka Josh

Lisa Bauer/The Grotesque played by J.O.S.