7/4:The Thyatician Succession Crisis

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Game: The Thyatician Succession Crisis GM: @Larry B - GM

Cast: 3-6 Players System: ADRPG


"The official position of the Throne of Amber is we do not take any opinion in the internal succession matters of a Golden Circle Power."

This was, of course, a lie that Oberon said. One of many when he was King. But he publicly discouraged members of his court from being involved. Thyatis fought a war against Oberon in the early days of the Golden Circle. The defeat lead to this militaristic empire make a major effort to join the Golden Circle. Its military elites have sent sons and daughters to the houses of Amber. Many of its sons have bled in service of King Oberon.

Emperor Sigismund died.

He was ASSASINATED the rumours say. His death occurred before he named a successor and before the Imperial Senate was in session. Various factions in the empire have called in favours to prepare for the bloody resolution of the Imperial election.

The Kings of Kashfa and Deiga both have a favoured candidate. Queen Moire likely has a favoured candidate as well. It would stand to reason the Begman's do as well.

Amber is by treaty required to defend the Golden Circle from external threats. But there is a possibility of 'Brother King' fighting against 'Brother King' if this crisis goes out of hand.

"So you see" Corwin Tells you " Its obvious Father wants us to prevent this problem from getting worse."

"So you see" Eric Tells you "Its obvious father wants us to prevent this problem from getting worse.....and to prevent Corwyn and Bleys from making this more difficult."

"So." Bleys says to you with a smile "How would it feel to have an empire that owes you a favor? An empire father holds some respect for? We just can't get caught." -


You play one of the Canon (or non canon) elders. Or one of the first known and acknowledged grandchildren of Oberon. There is a political crisis brewing in the golden circle. you mission is to solve it.

If you play a non Canon elder you need to answer an important question:

"Why aren't you there for that whole mess with Corwin and Merlin later?"

250 points with free basic pattern.

When: Slot 7

Delwin, son of Harla. oh, and Oberon[edit]