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JANUARY 1922[edit]

  • Sarah Maria Chase born.



  • Law office in Sacramento, California closed.

OCTOBER 1923[edit]

  • Letter from Violette Chase - filed without envelope.
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MAY 1926[edit]

May 8, 1926
  • Sean Michael Chase born at Whispers Estate, France.

FALL 1926[edit]

  • Law Office in Sacramento, California reopened.

SEPTEMBER 1926[edit]

Mid-September 1926
  • Alexander Chase and party arrive San Francisco, California
September 27, 1926
  • Violette Chase and children living at Stockton, California house.
  • Alexander Chase framed as murderer of Chan Kui San in San Francisco's China Town
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JUNE 1927[edit]

June 20, 1927
  • Violette takes the children and abruptly leaves Atlanta, Georgia for her mother's house in France,when Alexander tells her about his affair with Julian, and the fact that Julian is staying at the well-spring house in Atlanta, near where they live.
June 28, 1927
  • Violette and children arrive at her mother's house in France.
  • From June 28 through July 1 Violette's mother works to convince her to return to Alexander.

JULY 1927[edit]

July 2, 1927
  • Violette and children leave Paris,France to return to Atlanta, Georgia.
July 11, 1927
  • Violette and children arrive at Atlanta, Georgia house,from her mother's house in Paris, France.
July 12, 1927
  • Violette writes a letter to Alexander discussing their conversation in June regarding Julian, and enclosing a newspaper article from the Atlanta Journal regarding the sale of Hawthorne Estate.
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July 25, 1927
  • Hawthorne Estate - Civil War home of the Fontaine family near Atlanta, Georgia sold.

AUGUST 1927[edit]

SEPTEMBER 1927[edit]


  • Alexander Chase receives suicide note from Brian Joyce
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