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Character Sheet[edit]

Yalak[2], Male Commoner Thief (5th)

XP: 20,498

Attributes - STR: 11 (test of strength 2:6, extraordinary feat of strength 4%), DEX: 15 (attack mod/missile +1, defense adj +1, test of dexterity 3:6, extraordinary feat of dexterity 16%), CON: 12 (trauma survival 75%, test of constitution 2:6, extraordinary test of constitution 4%), INT: 13 (languages +1), WIS: 9, CHA: 12 (maximum number of henchment 4)

Class Abilities: Agile (+1AC when unarmored and unencumbered/small shield allowed), Backstab (+4 to hit, x2 weapon damage dice), Clandestine Tongue (Thieve's Cant), Detect Secret Doors (3:6), Thief Abilities (Climb 9:12, Decipher Script 2:12, Discern Noise 6:12, Hide 7:12, Manipulate Trap 5:12, Move Silently 7:12, Open Locks 5:12, Pick Pockets 6:12, Read Scrolls 0:12)

Hit Points: 19 (5d6)

Armor Class: 5 (leather +defense adj +cloak)

Move: 40ft

Saving Throw: 14 (+3 vs. Avoidance, +2 vs. Devices, +1 any spell effect that involves dodging; additional +1 to all saves from cloak)

Fighting Ability: 3


  • Short sword: hit, damage 1d6
  • Short bow: hit +1, damage 1d6, range 50/100/150
  • Dagger: hit +1 when thrown, damage 1d4, range 10/20/30
  • Darts: hit +1, damage 1d3, range 15/30/45

Physique: Age 22, Height 5'8", Weight 164lb, Appearance - Dark hair, dusty skin, brown eyes

ALN: Chaotic Good

Armour and Shields: Light and Small

Favored Weapons: Axe (hand), bow (short), club (light), crossbow (light), dagger, dart, flail (horseman’s), garrote, hammer (horseman’s), mace (horseman’s), pick (horseman’s), sling, sword (short, falcata, long, broad)

Secondary Skill: barber, roaper/thatcher

Languages: Common, Thracian (Kimmerian dialect)

Religion: Rul (good of thieves)

Equipment (Thief Quick start equipment and starting funds 100gp): Leather armor (wt. 15, light), Short sword (WC1, wt. 3), Short bow (Cost 20gp, wt. 2) with leather quiver and arrows (x12) (Cost 3gp, wt. 2), Darts (x2) (wt. 1 each), Daggers (x2) (Cost 2gp each, WC 1, wt. 1), Backpack, Bandages, Chalk, Dice, Fishing hooks (x12), Fishing string, Grappling hook, Soft leather pouch, Silk rope 50ft, Large sack, Thieves tools, Tinderbox, Torches (x2), Wineskin (full), Spool of wire, Writing stick, Iron rations (1 man, 1 week).

Magical item: Clook of Protection +1

Coin on Hand: 10pp, 23gp