A Sergeant

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  • Sergeant in the Esrolian guard, Holy country.Initiate of Lodril, lay member of Yelmalio.
  • Charged with a quest - to see the Earth Priestess safely to the Paps. If he succeeds, he will be made an an acolyte of the church.
  • Str 15 Con 14 Siz 16 Int 13 Pow 15 Dex 15 Cha 13
  • Dex 2 Siz 1. Poleaxe 1, Sword 2. hvy Xbow 1/5MR, Sling 1/SR [2/9]
  • Carries a poleaxe, a broadsword, a heavy crossbow and a sling.
  • can use large shields and spears.

The Valley of Cradles