A fleet on the horizon

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"Are you sure this is it? It looks so... insignificant. "

I laugh. "What you expected that it would have a gem incrested front? Lights humming from it? Glowing when touched? "

Holding up the mouldy book a triumphant grin appears on my face.

"No this is it. I just know it. If i give myself the time to study it we can finally get free from these bonds. "

To emphasize my words i hold up my wrist which is chained. The chain running through my wrist. The end of the chain wrapped around my waist several times. The part of the bones of my chain sisters dangling. The other two look at me. They are the only two chainsisters left of their chain. One is silent the other is the oldest and a caring person. I wonder how she manages that, to stay caring and calm in that what we faced. But maybe i am just to easily to hate.

Though due to my determination we are here with book in hand. I know we can free ourselves. I just haven't told the rest the truth on how we would free ourselves. I told them i could remove our chains. But honestly i can't, this magic i do not understand if i did i would have started a revolt sooner i would have fought. My plan is to leave this place. I've learned that there are more places, worlds and we could reach them by traveling through some kind of mystical materia.

I need to learn to control that so we can find a safe place. But first we will take revenge on the one that caused our world to fall into the grasp of the seahags.

Mom had told me before she died that after this seemingly amazing and charming man left, the seahags came. I was born while our world was enslaved. I was born in a chain. My mom was killed for trying to free my chain. She knew she was going to be killed she handed me a card and a letter. A card of a man, supposedly my father. A letter telling my mom he would be back for her. He did not know mom was pregnant with me. Mom didn't even know at the time he left.

In the letter it says time is different everywhere. And that a passing of years for him would be merely one month for us.

Soon after our world got... Corrupted. Lets call it that. The waters became darker and dark things swam in there now.

The seahags took control first of the landmasses then the floating villages. The fleets took the longest to be controlled but eventually that happened as well.

I was born the day after they took control of moms ship. They used me to control mom.

But now. Now i am ready to fight, to move to get revenge. And to bring as many with me as i can. I know not all will survive. I am sure we will find adversity but if only a few can come with, we can try and get the head of the man who doomed us. I just need one ship in the end. A whole fleet might be seen as a frontal attack anyway.

The sisters and i move back to our raft. We move around as quiet as we can. We escaped our Mistresses and if we are recaptured i fear what horrors might be done. Sadistic bitches.

Using the currents of the water we float back to one of the ships waiting for us.

We are using a cavern system to hide our ships and to have shelter. It is in the outer areas little grows here no resources so noone lives here.

When entering the ship the few on deck look at me with hopeful eyes. I nod and go back to my bed with the book and a candle, time to read up on some things.

Don't know how long i spend in my little corner but i know they brought me food now and then.

I think i know. It is not as much freely moving around through this materia but i can move us to the center of worlds. Or close to it. From there i am sure we can find a place for ourselves to settle down. If need be i can always continue my search for revenge on my own.

Laying the book next to me i wall up to the deck. People are cleaning. Stocking barrels and crates with dried food. Preparing the sails. We are ready to leave as soon as i am. Doubt hits me hard.

Am i not leading these people to uncertain death.... What horrors await us there. The horrors here we know.

Bit seeing those hopeful eyes i can't back down. At least if we die. We die in search of our freedom.

They noticed me and i nod "I've read it through several times. I think we are ready. If all of you are ready... We can go."

A happy murmer starts. We are not the cheering kind.

The message is spread through the caverns to the other ships.

Tomorrow we leave when the second sun hits the water.

I keep the book on me. There is more in there which i do not fully get yet. But if i have the time i'll figure it out.

I start helping with storing the food and fresh water. Prepare to leave.

The moment has come we sail out of the caverns we all feel the same tension. We are leaving our lives behind to face anything which might come on our path. Even i have no clue what to expect.

We are ready to sail away, we are ready to fight we agreed not to take lives when taking from ships. Only the man on the card will die.

When we are all out to the open waters i make sure that the ships are in formation. That seemed important. On the bough of the front ship i close my eyes and focus on the energies around.

Try to feel a path. It said that all roads lead to the center. All roads lead to Amber....