Abdhul Vafa Shahin

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A character in the The Final Voyage of Suleiman the Sailor PBP WHFRP game.



Oh benevolent and glorious Sheikh Javeed Pouyah, may Ormazd bless you.

I code this missive as our usual channels are not open and must entrust this scroll to a common nomadic messenger, Wassam Fayaz, who travels on the same vessel as he about whom I report. I can but pray east that it reaches you well. I have paid him well and promised him a further three gold suns on arrival. He will no doubt tell you six.

Your ambassador found the Emir Firouz Farhang well and healthy. His power grows in the Sultan’s court and an allegiance with this northern lord would tide well for your court. He has quietly taken lesser wives into his harem from the courts of most of the northern Emirs, Mahdi and Beys. Each knowing little of his allegiance with the others.

He sends a man south to negotiate a wife from amongst your daughters. The man he sends is not a titled ambassador, but a slave. A slave he holds very highly. A slave he has known since birth. A slave who is likely his own brother, begat on one of the serving slaves of his father’s harem. A slave made eunuch and so tied to his master by blood, but without heir to rival him.

This Abdhul Vafa Shahin has been trained in the Arts of the Winds. Specifically, the tempting Winds of the Neverwatching Eye. His early castration is likely to be the only thing that keeps him from the temptations that befell his master and his master’s master before him.

So, This magus in training. This slave who would not have freedom. This spy and servant. He cannot be tempted by that which sway other men, other magi, other slaves. Only that which benefits his brother-master and his nephew-heirs will be of interest to him. Bribe the Sultan’s advisors that he travels with, offer them gold and pure white slave girls, offer them rubies, wine and camels. But this abdhul, this Loyal Eagle, care how you treat with him.

His smile is easy. His laughter comes effortlessly. His friendship is easily gained, but never fully given.

Your most humble servant, May Ormazd bless you a thousand times the stars in the clear night sky, Adil Mujtaba Nadim




Current Apprentice Wizard


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP Mag
Starting 34 32 34 33 31* 38 31 36 1 10 4 3
Talents +5 +5 +5
Advanced +5 +1
Apprentice Wizard 5 10 15 5 2 1
Current 34 32 34 33 31 48 36 41 1 10 4 3 1


Insanity Points 1




Total 120
Current 20

Personal Details[edit]

Height 6'
Weight 150lb
Hair Shaved, except three points into a long plaited tail
Eyes Black
Marks Eunuch
Siblings Unknown, separated from family at early age.
Age 28
Birthplace Araby


Aethetyric Attunement, Petty Magic (Arcance), Savvy, Suave, Coolheaded


Seduction attempts against Abdhul automatically fail. The Difficulty of all Charm Tests made against Abdhul increases by one step.


Academic Knowledge (Magic), Channeling, Magic Sense, Perception, Read/Write, Search, Speak Arcane Language(Djinn), Speak Language(Hieroglyphs), Gossip, Common Knowledge (Araby), Speak Language (Arabic)


Glowing Light, Sounds, Drop, Marsh Lights, Magic Dart, Sleep


  • 16 gc
  • Backpack
  • Sling bag
  • Blanket
  • Dagger
  • Scimitar
  • Printed Scrolls
  • Purse
  • Quarter Staff
  • Shirt
  • Wooden cutlery set
  • Wooden tankard
  • Best craftmanship cloths
    • Embroidered boots
    • Silken breaches
    • Silk shirt
    • Linen coat
    • Embroidered wool cloak