Abellhard Zeiss

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A character in the The Lost and the Damned PBP WHFRP game.

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Ranuf Schreiber wasn't a bad lad, but was often in trouble with the militia. Lead on by the other town lads, he'd be caught scrumping apples or playing pranks on the burghers. And so it was that, when the Storm hit, he had the attention of the young new roadwarden, Abellhard Zeiss.

The goblin shaman lead the attack with some form of bolt, which killed Zeiss outright, but by an inheritance from his mother, bypassed Ranuf. He found himself under the mailed body of the warden. He listened and heard human orders from the rear and listening to their tone, mimiced them with an echo from the nearby wall, "Leave the horse. Get on to the town." The order was translated and repeated in the goblin tongue and Ranuf was alone.

Less than an hour later, Ranuf mailed and riding east, he met the roadwarden sargeant. "You'd be the new boy? Zeiss?"

That was many months ago now. He bluffed his way through and learned quickly. Despite his chequered past has served well in his stolen career. The sudden need to straighten himself was fulfilled.

Now he heads west, returning from a message delivered to the front.



Current Roadwarden


WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel A W M FP
Starting 39 31 36 30 32 25 32 30 1 10 4 3
Advanced +5
Roadwarden 10 10 5 10 5 5 2
Current 39 31 41 30 32 25 32 30 1 10 4 3


Total 0
Current 0


Total 10
Current 9

Personal Details[edit]

Height 5'8"
Weight 150lb
Hair Dark brown ponytail
Eyes Brown
Marks Missing tooth
Siblings 2
Sign Rhya's Cualdron
Age 18
Birthplace Ostland hovel


Mimic, Quick Draw, Resistance to Magic, Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder)


Animal Care, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Drive, Gossip * 2, Navigation, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Ride, Search, Secret Signs (Scout), Speak Language (Reikspiel)


10 Yards of Rope
11 gc
Hand Weapon
Light Armour (Leather Jack)
Medium Armour (Mail Shirt)
Pistol with 10 Shots
Sling bag
Tattered cloak
Wooden cutlery set
Wooden tankard
Worn boots

Light Warhorse with Saddle and Harness