Abigail "Gail" Mars

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A Character in the City of Mists: Order of the Watchtower campaign

"Gail" Abigail Mars[edit]

Logos: Book Store Owner

Mythos: Smaug

Age: 22



Logos: Book Store Owner

  • Personality: Shrinking Violet

"Oh . . . Sorry. I, I can go. Sorry."

    • A - Please don't stare
    • C - Easily Overlooked
    • H - People Watching
      • D - Stuttering and fleeing
  • Possessions: Abby's Books (Inherited Bookstore)

Knowledge is power, and books are golden."

    • A - Mother's secret stash of books
    • B - Independent Bookstore
    • E - Serious Research
      • B - Possessive
  • Defining Event: It hurts everyday (Dead mother)

"I must become the woman she taught me I was."

    • A - Driven to be Proactive
    • B - Boss of bookstore employees
    • G - Business acumen
      • A - overly emotional



Mythos: Smaug

  • Expression: A furnace in her chest

"Must my fire burn everything and everyone?"

    • A - Breath a stream of flame
    • I - Terrifying Rage
    • J - Fireproof
      • C - Wanton destruction

Crew Relationships:[edit]

Kara Miller - Help 1

  • Kara's personality seems to be the exact opposite of Gail's. Despite how much Gail looks up to Kara, her being there makes it easier for Gail to be Gail.

Roger Wilson - Help 1

  • Roger Wilson admires the Occult books in the book store's collection (especially the private stash.


Garry Nuthean - Hurt: 1

  • Garry wants Gail to hold back and refrain from expressing her mythos. He says he knows the full danger her power can represent. He says that she can be dangerous to herself and the world around her.

Joey Chiesa - Help 1

  • In the aftermath of her mother's death Joey was there to help her pick up her life without judging or asking questions.


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