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Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau.png
Name: Abigail Tessler-Fontainbleau
Archetype: Aristocrat
Professions: Commercial, Starfarer
Background: Privileged
Appearance: Sleek, Manicured, Sunny


Mettle: +2
Physique: +0
Influence: +2
Expertise: +1
Interface: -1
Armor: +3
Advancement Trigger: A difficult promise is upheld. (Personality)


Decorum: You are well versed in the rules of etiquette, civility and propriety. You can carry yourself with grace in formal affairs, but are ill-at-ease in casual settings.
  • You gain +1 to your Influence stat, to a maximum of +2. (from Privileged)
Acumen: When you first visit a market or environment, you may ask one of the following questions, and the GM will answer honestly: (from Commercial)
  • What is profitably exploitable here?
  • What is in high demand here?
  • Who is the biggest economic player?
Navigation: When you plan a long voyage, choose 1. The voyage will be: (from Starfarer)
  • Fast - You know a shortcut.
  • Safe - Choose a faction to avoid.
  • Pleasant - +2 to Cramped Quarters.
  • Profitable - If you deliver the passengers who are asking for passage.
Outfit: Own a unique Class 3 Attire. If your attire is ever lost or damaged, you can abandon it and spend an extended period of time claiming new attire as your Outfit, adding an extra upgrade to it. (from Commercial)
Marketing: When you arrive in a civilized area, choose a type of market. You can easily find that kind of market here.
  • Elite: High class, exacting.
  • Secretive: Discrete, illicit.
  • Motivated: Fast, agreeable.
Contacts: You have acquaintances and contacts all over the galaxy. When arriving anywhere civilized, introduce a contact. That NPC operates here. (from Personality)
Cosmopolitan: When you make an Assessment of any aspect of a society (culture, traditions, laws, government, economy, etc) you gain 3 Data Points about that subject on a 10+, and 1 Data Point about that subject on a 7-9. (from Starfarer)


To the Invisible Hand, for prototyping her snazzy outfit, made of an experimental cloth that is resistant to many forms of damage.
To the Invisible Hand
To the Invisible Hand


Her cousin Arthur Pennington has a high ranking position in the Invisible Hand and he owes you a favor for covering for him at a recent event where he got drunk. He would lose favor in the IH if it was found out.


Sleek Bodysuit - Attire (Class 3 Formal, +2 Armor, meshweave (+1 Armor that looks like normal fabric), shielded (+1 Armor provided by thin, invisible energy shield projected by the suit), tough (Protects from elements, hard to damage, easy to repair))
Flyer - (Class 1 Shuttle (A flying vehicle for up to six people that can hover and take off vertically), Agile (Quick, maneuverable, able to perform stunts))
Ranged Weapon (Class 2 Pistol (One handed ranged weapon, Optimal Ranges: Adjacent, Close), Concealed (Inconspicuous, easily hidden, doesn't show on scanners), Stabilized (No recoil, can be used in micro-gravity environments))
Nightwear - Attire (Class 0 Simple)
Chime - Beast (Class 3) with the following attributes:
  • Natural Locomotion: either gliding or flying
  • Beautiful: Impressive, aesthetically pleasing. Can distract, charm, and entertain.
  • Dextrous: Able to carry objects with their hands and perform simple manipulations.
  • Perception: Choose a sense (sight, hearing, smell, vibration, etc.). It is extremely advanced.

A slim paw/hand reaches round a bar, makes a gentle, circular motion toward Abigail and then effortlessly types in a ten-digit code, opening the gate. The creature that emerges is breathtakingly beautiful, lithe and iridescent, so much so that nobody shoots it when it, with single flip of its silver wings, moves over to Abigail. Fastidiously avoiding the camouflaged creature's corpse it tucks in its limbs sits composedly at her feet.

Call to Heel (move): Beasts respond to Command (+ Influence) just like Crew would. Their low intelligence and manual skill limits what task they can reasonably be Commanded to perform.

About 75 cm tall, this furred, flying creature, the Xyn-Protage, is known for its fox like cunning. It's pelt is an iridescent silver that seems to glow slightly and possesses notes of purple, blue, and red when brushed up against. The effect of seeing one for the first time seems to overload the human visual cortex causing one to briefly pause. The effect wears off normally but if these creatures were aggressive, they would be deadly hunters, stunning their prey before attacking.

Not quite a bird as it isn't beaked, having a cat-like mouth, it walks on all-fours and upright with equal grace. It's eyes are neither front facing like a predator nor side facing like a bird. They are oversized for its face and seem to be one large pupil with several "invisible" lids like a reptile. It is believed they are highly capable of seeing broadly beyond human vision, perhaps even into the x-ray spectrum, the various lids acting as filters.

A slightly long sleek neck flows into a slim torso with feathered wing coming from the upper shoulders. A low set of shoulder muscles provide short, slender arms that end in small, nearly simian hands. Their hind legs are also short and yet somehow it reminds one of a gazelle when it run, but of a cat when it steps carefully.

Xyn-Protage are able to vocalize a range of sounds, both a low pitched hum and a high pitched bell-like chime. Neither could be classified as a roar. But the chime can sound aggressive.


Mercantile: Prominent advertisement, easy access. Large cargo storage space, automatic loader-unloader systems

Data Points[edit]

DP on Xavier Moscoline
DP on Jumpspace



Abigail was born to a wealthy family aboard the Merchant Dreadnaught "Done Deal" (Class 4 Spaceship), the show piece luxury liner/cargo vessel of the Traders Guild of Oros Sector, itself a member in high standing of the Invisible Hand. Her parents were on the board of TGoOS and her childhood was one of elitism and privilege. Stephen J. Tessler and Yvonne Fontainbleau, her parents, were explorers and occasionally daredevils. Abigail remembers being planetside at various locations and only seeing weird, potentially dangerous flora and fauna. Yvonne did not think young Abigail should worry about business dealings and made sure she finished top of her class in "finishing school", where Abigail learned all sorts of etiquette and how to greet people in various courts of known space. But Abigail always wanted to please her father. Stephen taught her how to maximize profits on a trading ship, knowing the secret jump points that can make certain runs faster than normal.

When she got older she wanted to see the real galaxy. She is well aware that her life has been unusual in a good and she wants to know what it's like outside of the Done Deal. She is in for a shock.

Facton proposal[edit]

The Invisible Hand - An Elite, Mercantile Alliance. An alliance of corporations, trade merchant guilds, and other mercantile concerns. They only admit into the alliance elite, established, posh members. The existence of the alliance is semi-secret (except in places where the "member" is a government focus on trade) in most places.