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Acadia is a large island west of Amber proper in a sweet spot for a comfortable temperature. It is a green place. It is ringed by narrow ridges, such as a volcanic explosion might leave though there is no legend of an eruption.

In the history of Amber Acadia has been a port of call for sea going vessels heading out into shadow or circumnavigating the globe. It is a replenishment station for the Navy as well as merchant shipping. One of the minor sea lanes into shadow passes near Acadia going outward making it a frequent place for outward bound ships to stock up on fresh foods.

The main city of Acanat is at the rock opening of the surrounding wall. The harbor is a deep water one and is large despite the narrow entrance.


  • A casual examination would conclude that a great mountain had exploded leaving a ring of tall mountainous pinnacles. The tips are in the 6000' foot range. In the valley is a region of over 100 miles of forest and meadows. It is water rich with mild breezes. The bowl occasionally fills with fog.

History and population[edit]

  • Prince Osric brought shadowdwellers from a world that dealt with trees and woodland creatures here to populated a pristine land. He also brought centaurs and titanides to Acadia and they are a big part of the population of this realm. For unclear reasons centaurs and titanides rarely leave Acadia and are an incredibly rare sight in Amber.
  • The community of Acadia has developed as something of nature-oriented one. They harvests natural herbs, lichens, mushrooms, and nuts. They are rich in fruits, vegetables and other natural food stuffs.

The people live by the creed of do no harm. The vast majority of the population are lacto ovo vegetarian.

  • The Church of the Unicorn has a conclave here.
  • Estimated population of Acadia is 400k. There are Acadian communities in many cities in Amber and the Golden Circles, reminiscent of Little italy and Chinatowns. These communities trade in Acadian goods and support many restaurants. The centaur and titanide population is approximately 100k.
  • Acadians are well known as connoisseurs of fine foods and fine wines. They make a truly incredible collection of meads.

Government and Commerce[edit]

  • While technically Acadia is a sovereign nation with its own embassies and military it is essentially a part of the Empire of Amber. It is a member of the Golden Circle Signatory Treaty(GCST) though that reach back to the earliest times of the treaty. Acadia is one of the earliest signatories. It has embassies in many realms.
  • It has a governing body and appoints a Consul for a 4 year term. It sends a representative to the Council of Commentary.
  • Acadia operates a merchant fleet that sails throughout the Golden Circle and trades heavily with Rebma.
  • It depends on the military of Amber for its defense and many of its population serve in the military, most often in the Navy or in the Commissary corps as cooks.
  • Many members of Acadia are involved in Merchant organizations, unions and guilds of Amber.
  • Acadia trades in rare foodstuffs for metals and things unavailable on this isolated island.
  • The main city of Acanat has approximately a third of the population. The second city is Crasda, at the base the the Trio Rivers and has a population of 35k. Most villages and hamlets have less then 500 residents.

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