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Acanthi of the Spiders, whisper-spinner and plan-weaver, she Who Stole Night's Heart. Rebel spy, masked lord, and extradimensional bug alien. A member of the Rebel Fellowship.

Vital Statistics[edit]

What Is A Spider?


You are a being from outside the world we know, which means you're a big weird bug nobody understands. When someone asks you a question, whether to Speak Softly with you, Look Closely at you, or ask you to Command Lore about your people, you may tell them lies. They will believe these lies to be true until evidence contradicts them directly. ​ You should still tell the truth to us (the players), but to everyone in the world of the game, they will only know you by the lies you tell.


  • Beautiful hungry eyes (wreathed in a full complement of 8 dark eyes, like jewels)
  • Vibrant tattoos (bright red, marking her as a predator, although usually covered up by -)
  • Unusual armor (chitinous, black segmented armor. Unusual design, though fairly striking and fashionable by her peoples' standards)
  • Fuzzy body (covered in impossibly fine hairs, which are soft when she's at peace and quite prickly otherwise)

Acanthi is an extradimensional alien - still essentially humanoid, but has at least one extra complement of arms and some very different internal workings.


  • Blood: -1 [damaged]
  • Courage: 0
  • Grace: +2
  • Sense: +2
  • Wisdom: +1


  • Be Brave, Take Risks
  • Tell Us Of Your People
  • Improve The World Around You
  • The Waiting Game (make plans, set ambushes, take your time)
  • Born Rebel (fix the system, by any means necessary)


Wall Walking (Core) - You can move along walls and ceilings of any solid material. So long as the surface can support your weight, you can move along it at any speed or cling in place without falling. When you go solo, you can act normally while Wall Walking. When you have a passenger, they must cling to you with both arms or they will fall, and you must keep all your limbs on the wall or you will fall.​

Web Spinning (Core) - When you Look Closely or Get Away, on a 7+, you get 1 Web. You can never have more than 3 Webs at once. This Move cannot be shared.​

When you travel to a new location, you lose 1 Web.​

When an enemy makes a move against you, you may spend 1 Web to trigger a trap before they make that move. Choose one:​

  • Escape Route: You Get Away, rolling with Hope. (If you roll a 7+, this does give you a Web, making Escape Route effectively free if you can keep escaping successfully)
  • Manipulate: Throw, drop, or break a nearby object. This can be used to collapse doorways, spread campfires, drop chandeliers, or other such tricks.
  • The Catch: Their leg or arm becomes caught and immobilized. Next time they try something, you can Manipulate them as though they were an object.
  • Trapped: Use a trap from your gear against them.

Many of the Spider's Custom Moves give them new traps to use with Web Spinning. When you Share one of those Moves with someone, they add the trap to their gear as an item with the tags Trap and 2 Uses instead.

Approximate Knowledge Of Many Things (Custom Lvl 1) - Take a Custom Move and up to one Agenda from any basic playbook

  • I Smell Fear and Born Rebel from The Orc​

I Smell Fear (Custom Lvl 1) - When you Look Closely at a person, so closely it makes them upset, uncomfortable or scared, you may ask questions from both the Speak Softly and the Look Closely lists, and you can ask one more question than your roll would normally allow.​

Silver Tongue (Custom Lvl 1) - When you Speak Softly, in place of one of your questions you ask them, you may tell them a lie. They will earnestly believe this lie to be true, until overwhelming or undeniable evidence contradicts them.


  • Strange food that only you enjoy (Food for Spiders, 3 uses) [weird alien grubworms] [1 Use left]
  • A strangely shaped bow or rifle (Ranged, 3 Ammo) [weird alien spike dart bowgun] [2 Ammo left]
  • Confidence and fast healing (Healing, 2 Uses, self only) [weird alien biology] [1 Use left]
  • Various poisons and oils with overly specific effects (Useful, 2 Uses) [2 Uses left]
  • A variety of special traps (Trap, 2 Uses) [1 Use remaining]. When you Use this, choose one of the traps (Arrow, Bear, Exploding, Flashpowder, or Pit) and place it as normal, following all of the rules of that trap.
    • Arrow Trap: Deal 1 damage to an undamaged enemy.
    • Bear Trap: Immobilize them until they pry free. It also causes immense, distracting pain when initially triggered.
    • Exploding Trap: Dangerous. Cave in a small room or narrow tunnel on cue, or blast open a wall or door on cue.
    • Flashpowder Trap: Blind everyone in the area for a short time.
    • Pit Trap: They fall into a hole.


  • I like to wait and see what Fëanor does - they're the one person I can't predict perfectly.
  • Petra brought me out of my home - and here we are now. I think we'd both prefer to be underground.
  • Kithran believes in me, even when I lie - I hope to repay their trust in me.
  • I'll never catch Karbash in my web, but it's fun to keep trying.
  • Sparo and I both love traps, lying, and poison. They're already my most interesting friend.


Level 1


  • Cut off from their home society, the Spiders of Dur-Zerrano, their largest and first settlement, are experimenting with a more radical form of organization - democracy. Spiders have always believed in meritocracy (the stealthiest Spider who collects the most dirt and hides best their own should rise to the top), and they have also a tradition of seeing that even the lowliest Spider is caught in the social safety net. That's mostly because Spider high-society is unrelentingly vicious; should your secrets be exposed, you will at the very least lose all respect, and at most everything just short of your life. So, Masked Lords have traditionally been anonymous aristocrats, but the seeds of change have been growing for a long time. New Masked Lords have been elected, presumably by revealing their intentions to select groups of citizens. Others, in light of the new political moment, are going unmasked. Some, like Acanthi, got in on the strength of reputation alone.
  • The original home of the Spiders is a gray world of eternal dusk - the Spiders that arrived here traveled by silver thread, a metaphysical road (not just a Gate - it has to be travelled) that connects the two worlds, some two hundred or so years ago. It's not easy but it's a way to ritualize and actualize connection between places and people. Unfortunately the thread connecting this world to that one has been severed by the Parliament, the ruling body of the Spiders, citing growing concerns about the Empire's encroach (and potential infiltration).
  • The Spiders are in a little bit of a weird legal zone as explicitly Not From Around Here, in the terrestrial sense anyway. So for now, all underground Spider settlements are designated autonomous and sovereign states. But this policy comes in the wake of the one aboveground settlement, Sren Khsach being "mysteriously" abandoned, and subsequently claimed by the Empire. The unofficial and technically unstated opinion in Dur Zerrano is that the Empire killed or captured the Spiders and other peoples living there, but so far, the Masked Lords of the city haven't said or done anything (except for in secret). Almost all contact with the other underground cities has been halted, for fear of drawing imperial ire, and the silver thread from Dur Zerrano to the Spider's homeworld has been cut. The common belief is that this implies that the Spider Parliament fears the Empire has obtained or reverse engineered the strand process.
    • Sren Ksasch is among the more minor settlements in size, but it's major importance is as the one visible Spider settlement! If anyone's ever been to Spider territory, most likely they went to Sren Ksasch. I think it's probably close to Dwarven lands. It's in a jungle biome, and the Spiders (that were) living there are more tarantula like (bigger and hairier). Think rainforest at the base of a mountain range.
  • Spiders, unlike their counterparts in our world, are a very social people.
  • Spider culture highly values the arts - of course, their arts have a very different history and tradition behind them, and so can be pretty jarring. The biggest overlap is in fashion (Spiders love to weave silk), although their "patterns" adhere to different rules of beauty. Beyond that, culturally speaking, maybe the thing others are most likely to have in common is the elevation of precision and elegance as social virtues.

Spider's Web[edit]

A collection of the lies Acanthi has told, and who she's told them to.

  • The Spiders are neutral allies of the Empire, and their two governments have sworn a non-aggression pact. (perhaps widely believed)