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Acareyn is a low fantasy medieval world setting for use with GURPS (TL3) or Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. It has its own Gods and nations. So far the most fleshed out area is the Eastern side of the continent of Velka. Acareyn is an attempt to blend low fantasy medieval themes with a indiana-jones-esque level of discovery and real palpable drama akin to the early A Song of Ice and Fire books. There are monsters, but for good reason, they evolved or were created, but not by something unknown, and the unknown should be terrifying, not something that should be everywhere.

The World[edit]

The primary feature of Acareyn is the Sun and Moon (Day and Noc, respectively, in the setting) have been torn from their positions as we would know them. This happened some 5000 years ago and was well documented. This tear causes the Noc sky to sometimes shimmer with light like an aurora. As well the polar areas are no longer habitable as the north is plagued by Noc's dark shadows, and the south is blasted with blinding light that bleaches the world.

This feature however causes massive shifts to the weather from year to year and season to season as day and night cycles vary. One day could last 4 hours and the next 12. Key word here is could.


There are 7 continents on Acareyn. Velka, the largest continent has been throughly mapped and is home to the largest empires. Kasmr is the southernmost continent and has a myriad of strange geology. Esamr is a tall domninating continent prone to great storms of wind. Strum is a small continent in the north that has many rich lands and barbaric people. Ilthamr is an island archipelago with many ruined cities, home to the Synod. Hafjik is the home to the adventurous Halflings, and old grand machinations of the dead race. Drake is a volcanic island chain, sometimes called the rebellious one.



Acareyn's history is filled with fables and legends. The gods create avatars and interact with the people and make governments to rule them. The nobles are ambitious and rebellious. The land is full of mysteries and ruins of peoples long dead.



There are all matter of fantastic monsters and beasts that call Acareyn home. Wyverns and Dragons, Ghosts, Griphons, and terrifying Wyrms.



There are 6 discovered races. The enigmatic Synod, the endeavoring Humans, adventurous Halflings, druidic Dwarves, and reptillian 'Sar, and barbarous Orcs.


The Aether[edit]


Magic users are those afflicted with the ability to wield the threads of magic without the use of ritual circles or magical components. Magicians are not always a respected sort, and most wander the lands honing and practicing their craft, but there are some colleges. Most magicians stick to a style revolving around the many threads of magic. Most magicians would also seek a writ that they are allowed to practice their art so they are not recognized as a witch. While some don't like magicians, no one likes a witch.



The Deities of Acareyn are powerful beings that have been mysteriously absent for the past Era. Though the churches still have some power, the people haven't experienced a personal visitation for hundreds of years.



Belief is a powerful thing. It is why some topics are taboo, as widespread belief would only make the issue worse. Belief is inflationary however, not something that can make or undo facts. A folk legend may tell of a dragon that resides in the local swamps, but if that was just a ruse, then there won't be a dragon. If there was a giant alligator however, and someone made it out to be larger and bigger, that they could swear it was a dragon, that may turn into a dragon.