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The Arcanist's Tower[edit]

Aecurius Tarravus - A noble of House Tarravus in Naseria and The Truthseeker. Engaged the PCs on a mission to discover the fate of a Carthagian Thaumineer.

Aseera - a Carthagian Manipulator leading an expedition from her nation to recover Jerediah and his expertise for a task important to the Manipulator-General himself.

Dai Feng - A Drakadepti mage leading an expedition of his fellows to explore the Umbral site in the Sarkoean mountains.

Jerediah - a Carthagian Thaumineer who based himself out of a remote former Umbral site in the Sarokean mountains. Not heard of for almost three decades, it turned out he has become a techno-magical lich, sacrificing his humanity for immortality.

The Black Vault[edit]

Abregas - a senior Manipulator, overseer of the project in the lower galleries and liason to the Manipulator-General.

Desira - an apprentice Manipulator.

Megara - a mineralogist in charge of the technical aspects of the lower gallery project.

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