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Name: Pethio
Race: Aasimar
Class: Bard
Level: 3

Ability Scores

Str: 14 (+2)
Dex: 16 (+3)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis: 10 (+0)
Cha: 16 (+3)

Combat Summary[edit]

Initiative: +6


Armour Class:17
Physical Defense:14
Mental Defense:16
Save Bonus:

Armour Type AC Attack Penalty
None 15 -
Light 17 -
Heavy 18 -2
Shield +1 -1

Hit Points

Maximum: 45
Staggered: 23


Maximum: 8
Dice: 3d8+2 (15)

Basic Attacks

Melee: Att: +6 vs AC Hit: 3[W]+3 Miss: 3
Ranged: Att: +6 vs AC Hit: 3[W]+3 Miss: -
Armour Attack Penalty: 0

Weapon Attack Hit Miss
Rapier +6 vs AC 3d8+3 3
Dagger +6 vs AC 3d4+3 3
Bow +6 vs AC 3d6+3 -
Unarmed +4 vs AC 3d3+3 -

Character Details[edit]

One Unique Thing

Pethio, Younger God of Music, Poetry and Storytelling - An incarnation of the God of Music who has manifested itself for currently unknown reasons.

Icon Relationships

  • The Hierophant (Positive - 1 die)
  • The Vault-Keeper (Conflicted - 2 dice)
  • The Manipulator-General (Negative - 1 die)


  • The Spark of Divinity +3
  • Intinerant Minstrel Extraordinaire +5
  • Beloved by Men and Women +2
  • Swashbuckling Hero +2

Racial Powers

Halo - Once per battle as a free action during your turn, gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until you are hit by an attack (or until the battle ends).

Class Features

Bardic Songs - Bardic songs last for one or more rounds and end with a final verse that carries a big payoff. Although magical, bardic songs don’t count as spells; they don’t force the bard to suffer opportunity attacks from engaged enemies, and they can’t be canceled by effects that can cancel spells. In fact, bards can cast spells while in the middle of singing a bardic song.

Battle Cries - Bards use battle cries to encourage, inspire, warn, and magically aid their allies. Battle cries are triggered by flexible melee attacks. The bard makes a melee attack and is able to use a battle cry that corresponds to the attack’s natural result, sometimes whether or not the attack hits. Bonuses provided by battle cries can help a bard’s allies but not the bard.

Spells - Bards use arcane spells that function like those of other spell-casting classes. Some spells are daily, some recharge, and others are at-will. Unlike most character classes, bards use two different ability scores for their attacks. Their melee and ranged weapon attacks use Strength or Dexterity, while their spells use Charisma.


Balladeer - At each level, including 1st level, you learn one of the following songs of your choice. Each day you can sing one of these great songs to give you a positive relationship you would not ordinarily have with an icon.
It takes at least a few rounds to sing a great ballad. Ideally you’ll be singing out of combat to an appreciative audience. Each time you sing a great ballad, tell the GM what’s special about the story you are telling. Make a Charisma skill check using your best singing or musical background. If you succeed, you gain 2 points of positive relationship with the chosen icon for the rest of the day (until the next full heal-up). The DC depends on the environment:
DC 15: Adventurer environment
DC 20: Champion environment
DC 25: Epic environment
You can use these points to roll relationship dice the way you roll your normal icon relationships (see page 35). If you already have positive or conflicted dice with the icon you’ve sung about, add them to your new bonus dice. If you have negative dice with the icon you’ve sung a ballad to, they can be temporarily overruled by the ballad, but the GM should feel free to interpret any 5s rolled with a heavy hand.

1st Level - The Hierophant

2nd Level - The Truth Seeker

Loremaster - Take two additional points of backgrounds; you can use these additional points to raise a background that has something to do with history, bardic lore, or magical knowledge up to the usually impossible rating of +6. Take a single point of relationship with the The Vault-Keeper. Add the point to a relationship you already have up to your normal maximum, or start a new one— positive, conflicted, or negative.

Jack of Spells - Choose another spell-casting character class. You can choose one spell from the spell list (but not the talent list) of that class, of your own level or lower, as an extra spell you know how to cast. You can even take its feats up to your tier, if it has any. You may only choose from the spell list — not from talents. This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count.


Further Backgrounding - Add a total of 2 points to backgrounds you already have, or choose 2 points of new backgrounds that make sense for your character. You still can’t go over the 5-point-per-background maximum.

Pull it Together - Adventurer Feat. The target adds +1d4 healing per point on the escalation die.

Vicious Mockery (A) - On a hit, the effect that damages the target when it misses is now save ends.

Powers and Spells

Bardic Songs

  • Song of Heroes
  • Song of Thunder

Battle Cries

  • Pull it Together!
  • Stay Strong!


1st level

  • Befuddle
  • Blur

3rd level

  • Vicious Mockery




Other Equipment:

Magic Items:

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