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Aesir, looking toward Zhu Que
Port of Malmo

Aesir is a watery planet with a crosshatch of mountainous land-masses and one major continent (roughly the size of Australia). It has plentiful fishing, and other ocean industries (salt, seaweed, plankton cultivation) and other small industries. Although Aesir boasts two small starports, most of the traffic is shipping across its great ocean surface.

Malmo is a small city built into the cliffs at the mouth of one of the thousands of Fjords on Aesir. It boasts a small starport (Type D) and a medium sized fishery and cannery. Malmo sports a small lumber industry as well and serves as the major port for the northern hemisphere.

  • The Åberg family is based in Malmo. They own a sea and space ship repair business, and several of the relatives are engaged in other businesses in town and on the seas.
  • The Dansmuellers are town leaders and owners of the Cannery, as well as several of the larger boats in the fishing fleet.
    • Hilde Dansmueller was engaged to Wellesley Camden, and contracted the services of Christian Edge, although some of that was part of a plot to seek revenge on Edge. Whether the engagement was part of that is unknown.
  • Jönköping is a small forest village in the south of Aesir, its main industries are lumber and pharmaceutical bark collection.
  • Summer 2522 - Forces of New Kalmar introduced a series of high energy military satellites similar to those used to protect Ares. They claim the beam weapons can immobilize or destroy a ship as far away as 10,000 km. These demonstrated on an remotely piloted surplus Alliance Gunboat some 5,000 km from the planet. Skeptics point to the difficulty of using the system in the orbit of a protostar like Himinbjorg (lots of cover).