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Source and type of superpowers[edit]

Originally posted on the Development thread, page 1 by Potted Plant

The easy answer to the source is, of course, the gamma ray burst. Perhaps it was the DNA damage, or it may have been more than just UV radiation that reached the surface. But it need not be the only possibility. A secret chemical formula, advanced cybernetics - and of course, the character may just be an exceptional human at peak efficiency, in the form of Batman or Arrow.

As for type, the general expectation is that the character should have a reason to be wary of getting shot, and preferably be able to pass off as an ordinary person when the mask comes off. Other than that, I am not outright saying no to anything that suits the character, as long as the power level does not reach Earth-shattering (or Manhattan-lifting) levels.

The characters are expected to eventually work together, but whether they know each other right from the start or meet as the game starts is still open. They can be based on same or different boroughs. While movement between boroughs is restricted, vigilantes tend to find ways, so the restriction is largely background data rather than meant as a serious limitation to the characters.

I am trying to minimize the need to know the actual rules, especially since at the moment of writing only Kickstarter backers have early access to them. By my estimation, it should not be necessary to have access to rules.

I am aiming for a fluff-based character creation. The plan is that what gets created first is the character backstory and general idea of what kind of powers elevate the character to a hero. That gets then turned into a suggestion of background options and powers. At which point it is still possible to make changes to the background. Detailed superpowers is something I intend to leave for last.

Some amount of numbers-based creation will most likely be useful in defining a character, such as choosing the starting stats, which is a good indicator for where the character's strengths are. But this should be easy to do in-thread since the process is rather simple. Divide a certain number of points among five characteristics.