After The Storm:FROSTBITE

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Str: 12

End: 14

Agi: 16

Int: 12

Cool: 10

Carrying Capacity: 120/240

Base HTH: d6

Saves: Str 11, End 11, Agi 11, Int 11, Cool 10

Initiative: d6

Hits: (3+3+3+2) = 11

Healing Rate: 1.6

Power: 54

Att: (+0)

PD: 1

MD: 1

Move: 14

IP: 6

Background: Sports (bicycle messenger) / Performing Art (actress)


Adaptation (Low Temperatures) 5

Death Touch d10 (22.5)

Ice Armor 4/1/3/5 (20)

Ice Aura d6+1 (10)

Invulnerability (Cold) 10

Weakness: Special Reguirement (Cold/Fatigue) -7.5

Frostbite needs to rest in a cold environment and can't regain power of hits in warmth.

Adaptation (Low Temperatures): Frostbite suffers no damage or ill effects from natural cold. She can walk outside in winter weather dressed in her summer clothes and be perfectly fine.

Invulnerability (Cold): Frostbite resists injury even from unnatural cold. Liquid nitrogen? Freeze gun? Ice Blast power? Pfft.

Death Touch: Basically, Ice Touch. This power does entropy damage, same type as cold. Only entropy protection helps against it, so it works through most kinds of body armor. If it drops someone to 0 hits, the victim needs to make a save or freeze into an ice statue.

Ice Aura: An area effect version of Death Touch. Frostbite can surround herself with unnatural cold that damages everyone close to her.

Ice Armor: Frostbite can create an armor of supernatural ice that does not hinder her movements but takes power to maintain. The armor is particularly effective against entropy damage, almost as good against physical attacks, but offers little protection to energy attacks.