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Gunther Vanderloest was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. His father was a long-hail truck driver, often commissioned to transport various types of waste products. He was bright but uninterested in school, only making it through High School. He joined his father as a trucker and was a reliable driver who minded his own business. One day he was offered the opportunity to make some extra money, as long as he asked no questions and kept his mouth shut. The truck he was driving was carrying illegal nuclear waste headed to a dump zone far outside of populated areas. This was to be the changing point in his life. As he drove the truck he was attacked by some terrorists who shot his truck with a RPG, shattering both the truck and the cannister of nuclear waste. They left him trapped in the truck as the nuclear waste started to seep into the twisted cab. For some reason instead of killing him the nuclear waste changed his body. His bones were mutated, toughened to almost the strength of steel and also an unnatural growth rate. Horns sprouted from his head and spurs of bone protruded from his shoulders, torso, and arms. His skin also toughened to a leathery consistency and became blackened. He found he was able to pull shards of the bone out that were in the shape of wickedly sharp daggers, the bone quickly growing back in to replace what was removed. The waste also altered his musculature, nervous system, and stamina which he increased further by intensive training after his incident.

Gunther ceased to be Gunther on that day, thereafter referring to himself as Bonespike. He took it upon himself to seek out terrorists and those who preyed on the innocent. Unfortunately due to his appearance he was often driven off by those he aided. His temperament also changed because of this, he became brooding and easily angered. He still persists in his campaign against terror, regardless of how he may be perceived. Maybe by ridding the world of terrorists he can finally assuage his anger.