After The Storm: NonPlayerCharacters Introductions: Hangman

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originally posted on the IC thread, page 31 post 306

Grandpa grunted distractedly, his face buried in a newspaper.

"Something interesting there?" Henrietta asked.

"You could say that. Elsa, I think you will want to hear this too." Grandpa cleared his throat and read out loud: Hangman on the loose - suspected rapist found hanged in Van Cortlandt Park. A police operation to catch a suspected rapist prowling the park ended in an odd note as the officers found a man hanged up a tree with a sign saying 'rapist' attached to him. According to the sources, the man was hanging so high that the fire department had to be called to get him down, and there were no signs of climbing on the tree he had been hanged from.

Assistant Chief Davies gave the following statement: This is what the wave of vigilantism we have recently experienced will lead to. Lynchings. At this moment we do not even know whether the man killed was actually guilty of anything, and even if he was, the West is not wild anymore, and everyone has the right to a trial. Dealing with crime should be done by trained law enforcement with proper oversight, and private individuals taking the law into their own hands should not be tolerated. This is why I have recently formed an Anti-Vigilante Task Force to take control of this chaotic situation before further fatalities happen."