After The Storm: NonPlayerCharacters Introductions: Storm Witch

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Originally posted on the IC thread, page 48 post 480

Turning around, Firehand sees a woman floating in the air behind him. And the gust of wind continues to blow, almost like she was held aloft by it, although the wind feels far from strong enough to lift a person. The woman is a brunette in her twenties, with shoulder length hair, wearing a woollen cap, faded jeans and a worn leather jacket.

“The Protectors?” the woman says. “I have heard of you guys, but I thought you operated in Bronx. What are you doing in Queens? Whatever it is, I take it that you are the ones Lame Mask and his trick-or-treaters just asked to negotiate with? And since you asked, my name is Daryna Kedzierski. The name is Ukrainian, and so is the accent. But some people, like Death Masks, call me Storm Witch. For I control the winds and weather.”

“I was here to see if I could go Zeus on their latest shipment without killing anyone,” Storm Witch says, electricity crackling along her hand for a moment. “That should be all the answer you need. There is a lot I could tell you, actually, but you said they have a captive.” Glancing towards the hangar where Jade Mask stands waiting, she says: “I think this just got time critical, so story mode later. This is not their base. Airport is neutral territory, they just use it for one of their waypoints. They never ship anything directly to their base. And that is where this captive is likely to be.”

“Bad news: The base is across the Flushing Bay, in College Point. And they have their ways to return there fast, so unless you have the means to cross the bay swiftly, you will never get there before them.”

“Good news: If you do have the means to get across fast, I can guide you to their base, and all their heavy hitters are here. Only tools with guns at the base. Mind you, those tools have lots of guns and very real bullets, so it would be far from a cakewalk. But still the best opportunity you are likely to get if you plan to spring the captive. Trust me, you won’t want to try that when Jade Mask and his pet lizard are there to support their minions. That pair is seriously dangerous.”

“As things are, you would need to hurry. Jade Mask won’t wait around for long. When they start to leave and notice what I have done to their lookouts, that should cause a momentary confusion and give you a few extra minutes. So if you get going now, you might have five to ten minutes to hit their base, grab their prisoner and get out before you get the hammer and anvil treatment between the tools at the base and those returning. So you are running on clock and need to make a decision, fast.”