After The Storm: Second Wave Mayor White

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Mayor White stood behind a podium on a platform outside the Manhattan Municipal Building, giving her Independence Day speech. “As we celebrate our independence, let us take a moment to remember those who fought to gain it, and those who have fought for us to keep it since. For our independence has been challenged many times, both politically and with force and violence, by groups and individuals. And in this time of superpowers, there are even more people who would threaten it. And those who would protect it. Why, it was in the very building behind me where-“

Suddenly her speech was interrupted when with a plop, a figure in spandex outfit and a cape appeared behind her and immediately made a move to grab her while saying “Hello, New York! I am Thin Air, and if you want your Mayor back-“

He got no further than that. Mayor White grouched and pivoted on a foot, dodging the attempted grasp and standing up behind the would be supervillain as Thin Air grasped only thin air. Before the villain could even register surprise the Mayor snapped her arm downwards and a baton slid out of her sleeve into her hand. In the same fluid movement Mayor White swung the baton upwards while pressing the switch that electrified it – and the shock baton impacted with Thin Air’s groin.

Thin Air jerked for a moment, letting out a high pitched squeal, and then collapsed. As he did, Mayor White pulled an injector from her boot and stabbed Thin Air with it. And he went limp.

“Mayor, are you all right?” One of her security detail – who had barely had time to move – asked.

“Quite,” Mayor White replied. “Call the Marshals. I sedated him, but he needs to be in Rikers, within a nullifier field, before he wakes up. Teleporters are a pain to keep detained.” Turning to one of her aides, she asked “What did he say his name was? Thin Air?”

“Yes, Mayor,” the aide replied.

Mayor White rolled her eyes. “I can see the logic behind the choice – out of thin air – but seriously! And where did he get that outfit from, thrift shop? When I was younger, a Mayor would have to worry about getting shot all the way from New Jersey by Gray Death – who had military grade tactical gear and a skull mask, and actually looked good in it. Or getting burned to crisp by Comet, who had a space suit! Kids these days… Get that one off my podium!”

As Thin Air got carried away, Mayor White turned back to the stunned audience. “As I was saying before I got so rudely interrupted…”