After The Storm: Second Wave SharkTank

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Shark Tank Incident[edit]

Fifteen years ago, Daniel Holland was fired from Superwatch after multiple warnings of too much enthusiasm. Getting in the way of Marshals in pursuit of a story, distracting Super Marshals while working, asking too personal questions, and other similar incidents.

Upset at getting fired for what he saw as “doing his job too well” Holland decided to show his former employer and all of New York just how good an investigating journalist he was, and started researching the backgrounds of Supers, trying to find out their real identities.

Unfortunately for Holland, the first group to find out what he was up to was the Coven, and in a true supervillain fashion, Sea Witch dropped him in a shark tank.

However, contrary to popular belief, only a few sharks are dangerous to humans. Out of more than 470 species, only four have been involved in a significant number of fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans. And the most common reason for those has been that the shark mistook the human for species that are its normal prey.

The sharks in the tank were harmless. They had been recently fed and were of a species that does not attack humans in any case. They were merely curious about the visitor. Sea Witch knew that, but Holland did not. All he saw was sharks circling and prodding him. By the time The Protectors arrived to pull him out of the tank, he was a screaming wreck.

To add insult to injury, Sea Witch had filmed the entire incident and uploaded the video online. The video was swiftly taken down, but by then it had been downloaded and spread among the super fan community.

Holland got his fifteen minutes of fame, but not in a way he wished. The incident did not kill him, but it killed his already ailing career, left him in need of therapy, and made him a target of anger and harassment by incensed fans. He ended up having to leave the state to escape the anger directed his way.

This day, anyone who starts looking too closely into some Super’s background usually gets the Shark Tank Incident video sent from an anonymous e-mail address. That is usually enough of a warning.